Hemanth Kota

A hardcore product guy, Hemanth is now busy bridging supply chain and intelligence with Blockchain’s traceability capability.
Hemanth Kota has his expertise primarily centered around supply chain management and building scalable products with the help of Blockchain technology. With a Bachelor’s of Engineering degree from PES College of Engineering, Bengaluru, Hemanth went on to do his MS in Industrial Engineering from The University of Texas at Arlington. After working at companies like Hewlett-Packard, Snapdeal, and Tesco, Hemanth co-founded Trailchain, a blockchain-based technology company that provides traceability and intelligence products for supply chains, along with Deepthi Singh Sharma. He manages Product at Tesco while also working on his own startup Trailchain.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
Hemanth likes to write about how important the time is for product managers to create better growth opportunities for themselves, and how data science can accelerate it. Being a seasoned leader with 16 years of experience in product management, he says this role has offered everything an ambitious professional aspires for - exposure to senior stakeholders from technology as well as the business domain. Even more, he says it offered him a strong mandate to travel to where the action is happening, and ensure they are rightly exposed to challenges and opportunities in running any business at a global scale.