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Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues

This professional mariner-turned-entrepreneur took a plunge into real estate in 2013, setting the gold standard in Goa
Coming from a commercial marine background, Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues is a first-generation businessman. He completed his education from Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim, and then followed his father’s lead to sea. Lincoln started his career at 19 as a cadet and was immediately deployed on international waters. Over the next decade, he was introduced to multiple roles as a mariner, each of which has added value and experience to his years. It was also during that time that Lincoln entrepreneurial instincts took shape. He wanted to create luxury experiences and an enterprise that would become a hallmark of luxury and opulence, and so ventured into real estate in 2013. Later, his love for food led to the company's foray into the hospitality business. Lincoln sets the path for business expansion, looking at end-to-end operations of property acquisitions, type of building, architectural thoughts, R&D, green effects, etc.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Lincoln focused on overcoming unprecedented challenges faced by business leaders in the fight for survival and growth during COVID-19. He wrote, “It is important that business leaders are transparent yet supportive, trusting, flexible, and optimistic, and empower teams to do their best work autonomously. Create a sounding board with your teams and clients, and ensure that the trust is built further.” “As a leader, you are sometimes your best motivator. Doing things for others is an adrenaline rush we should always work with. Remain positive. We must remain firm in our strategy and show confidence in our country, its inhabitants and investors and in our resilience.” “If there’s one most important lesson this pandemic has taught us, it’s to seize the opportunities presented to us and use the new learnings to adapt to the new normal. We cannot afford to miss tapping all these opportunities to make ourselves a more humane, sensitive, and kinder society.”