Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues
Lindsay dabbled in deep water navigation, 50 feet waves and pirate encounter talks, before realising new dreams.
Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues is the Co-founder of Bennet & Bernard Group, a premier luxury homes brand, which has now extended its reach from real estate to gastronomy as successful businesses. Lindsay has been affiliated with commercial cargo vessels, FPSO & passenger ships since 2003. Joining as a cadet, he has carried several roles and responsibilities in his marine career. By 2013, his new dream was born when he started Bennet & Bernard Group with his brother, where he infused his passion across verticals from luxury real estate to FMCG with Artisan Deli, and The Black Vanilla Gourmet Store, which brings exotic commodities from over 40 different countries to India.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
The author once wrote about how a good CSR programme is a measure of a company’s worth beyond profitability, and brings with it intangibles such as improved employee morale, and increased customer loyalty. He shares that individuals are eager to be a part of a larger cause, wanting to solve some of society’s greatest challenges, and companies can enable this by helping employees fulfill their individual purpose and aligning their purpose with the larger purpose of the company to ultimately build an equitable society. Ultimately, he believes that a collective social good that is clearly defined and well executed is the overarching goal of organisations. “It is believed that most adults consider themselves social activists. Everyone wants to feel that they are doing something challenging that is positive for the society. Millennials seek employers who match their ideals, and who are involved in social projects.”