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Mansa Rajan

Mindful eating and focussing on the staples at home, Health Coach Manasa Rajan’s guide to a healthy lifestyle.
Health and wellness coach Manasa Rajan serves as the Food Design Expert at Eat.Fit. The nutrition sciences and plant-based nutrition graduate from Stony Brook and Cornell Universities, respectively, is also a former-entrepreneur. Manasa founded healthy snack startup Cure Bar in 2012. Post her entrepreneurial journey, Manasa went on to join Cure.Fit in 2017, where she worked as a Food Product expert and a Holistic Health Coach. With the pandemic making us more conscious than ever about our health and immunity levels, Manasha explains how to eat healthy to keep our immunity intact. She also addresses pain points that most of us faced during the months of lockdown — managing a healthy meal with limited ingredients, cooking the right way, and focussing on a disciplined diet.


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Manasa emphasises on the importance of plant-based whole foods, mindful eating, and a holistic approach to keeping fit and healthy. She not just focusses on eating right, but sourcing and cooking food the right way. As a nutritionist, Manasa believes in the benefits that come from the household staples — be it spices or whole grains. “The idea that I want to encourage you to adopt is to SIMPLIFY,” she says. Manasa emphasises on the importance of listening to one’s body’s needs and curating diet according to this need, constantly focussing on long-term health benefits. “The goal is to plan your meals, simplify your cooking, and minimise ingredients. Focus on foods that will ensure that your health and immunity are enhanced,” she further adds.