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Sandip Chettri

An MSME expert who has worked with TradeIndia for several years, Sandip Chhettri is recognised as an Emerging Voice for his extensive writing on the recovery and survival of Indian MSMEs in a post-pandemic world.
Sandip Chhettri is the COO at TradeIndia — one of India’s leading B2B marketplaces. He oversees the operations of the platform that offers global buyers and sellers a reliable channel to identify and connect with trustworthy business partners. Having worked his way up to the COO position from site specialist and product manager, Sandip, in the early years, has advised businesses on ecommerce solutions and built features for the website, as well as helped grow its traffic.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Sandip has been writing about how SMEs can recommence operations and succeed by taking their businesses online in the post-COVID world. He writes that no matter the size or nature of a business, it must initiate an in-depth assessment of the existing company assets, its overall financial health, as well as its security aspects. As the pandemic has interrupted operations, productions, and sales across frontiers, he argues it is essential for companies to arrive at a realistic and holistic overview of their situations. He urges SMEs to take their businesses online so they can add efficiency, innovation, and accuracy to their existing operations, and eventually, reduce the turnaround time of their servicing process. He believes, by investing in digital practices – be it customer relationship management (CRM), selling on ecommerce platforms, or online payments – small players can ramp up productivity levels, add agility, and even enter new markets. “Software can enable companies to view and maintain sensible data in real-time while ensuring that it is only accessed by authorised people. It can, therefore, be a great solution for SMEs to keep their accounting and compliance-related matters updated without any physical intervention. Not only will these solutions help companies sail through the economic storm caused by COVID-19, but it will also keep them prepared to face more such outcomes, if any, in the future.”