Sanjay Pathak

With nearly two decades of professional experience in solutions, capabilities building, corporate strategy, and a host of other domains, Sanjay Pathak is adept at understanding the changing face of technology, and analyses trends with ease.
Sanjay Pathak has expertise across fields like management consulting, business analytics, process automation, user interactions, systems gap analysis and product building/implementation. He also specialises in digital and customer experience strategy, and newer channels like voice and chatbot technology. He has in depth knowledge of various software, and is proficient in industry compliances like HIPAA and BAA. Previously, Sanjay Pathak headed the healthcare and insurance solutions and GTM at ITC Infotech, was the Principal Consultant at NTT Data Corporation, and was the Senior Business Analyst and Consultant at HP. He is also an alumnus of IIT Delhi.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
Sanjay Pathak writes about newer and developing technology like artificial intelligence. In the article he has written for YourStory, he talks specifically about how artificial intelligence can change the healthcare industry. He covers an array of advantages of integrating artificial intelligence with healthcare, such as being better equipped to diagnose ailments, assisting care providers in taking extra precautions, planning surgery with accurate measures, assisting doctors with running tests and making transcripts, using chat bots to help answer health-related queries, managing assets and emergencies, and lowering the cost of healthcare in rural areas. He also addresses a few challenges, like accountability during a negative event, regulation and compliance, overcoming initial hiccups, and the lack of skill to adopt new technology.