Sathya Raghu V. Mokkapati

A CA-turned-farmer and entrepreneur who is working to improve the lives of farmers across India.
Sathya has always been impacted by the economic situation of the farmers in India. The chartered accountant-turned farmer and agri entrepreneur launched Cosmos Green in 2011, and Kheyti in 2016. The agritech startups are working towards developing and implementing tech innovations to help farmers ensure a steady income. He firmly believes that intervention is needed through the combined efforts of multiple actors including government, research bodies, NGOs, and startups to improve the condition of the farmers. According to Sathya, improving the standard of living of farmers is a complex exercise as it is not just a case of raising the purchase price of their produce.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Sathya’s writing centres around the problems in the agricultural sector and the farmers and suggests needed solutions to solve the issues. In his articles, he has suggested that India needs to look at a three-dimensional approach including increase in profits of a smallholder farmer to ensure that they earn at least Rs 1 lakh per household annually, reduce income variability caused due to climate risk and distribution challenges and improve regularity of income in order to be able to double farmers’ income in India Here is a glimpse to Sathya’s writings “We need to ask three tough questions: 1) Why do we not have any reasonable roadmap that the Indian farmer’s income will be doubled in the next five years? 2) When climate change is real and is affecting farmers so terribly, why is the focus not on asset creation to counter climate change? 3) When FPOs are the silver bullet we are betting on, then why does RBI not have a financing policy on the same to support FPO financing?”