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Sheenam Ohrie

A leader in the tech industry, Sheenam Ohrie is vocal about women empowerment across workplaces and in entrepreneurship.
Sheenam Ohrie leads as the Vice President of Dell Digital and APJ CIO Leader at Dell Technologies. The journey to corporate leadership began with her love for maths and science in school, and she went on to pursue Bachelor’s in Engineering, Electronics, and Communication in the late 1980s. In 1992, she started as a Senior Consultant at Oracle and moved on to Product Engineering role at SAP. There, she climbed the ladder to leadership roles, to become the Vice President of Strategy and heading Diversity and Inclusion for the software company’s offices across India. In her current role, Sheenam continues to throw light on the importance of challenging biases and accommodating diversity.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Intrigued by Computer Science since she was first introduced to a programming language in college, Sheenam is a techie to reckon with. This fascination has led her to evolve her professional journey to now furthering the need importance of diversity in STEM. She also champions women entrepreneurship by voicing the contribution of women entrepreneurs in both rural and urban areas, despite operating in an economy that is not conducive to them. At a time when the global economy has fallen to a state comparable to the great recession of 2008, Sheenam has been vocal about how women went ahead with social entrepreneurship, despite being more vulnerable to the impacts of the pandemic. Sheenam makes equally arresting cases on emerging technologies, the future of work involving collaboration rather than the scare of tech advancements snatching people’s livelihood. A techie at heart, she does not shy away from sharing her views on automation and blockchain, data and privacy concerns, and the role of technology in upskilling for future. “In the coming decade, India will have the largest working-age population, with a potential workforce of about a billion people. This demography can surely transform the economic landscape of India, more so if we treat women entrepreneurs as equal partners. what is good for women entrepreneurs will be good for India and its economy.”