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Sonam Chandwani

A multi-faceted author and lawyer, Sonam Chandwani keeps it simple on the complex matters of legal and finance.
Sonam Chandwani is a legal professional and the managing partner at the Mumbai-based firm KS Legal & Associates. A specialist in the corporate world for the areas of commercial structures, commercial litigation and mergers and acquisitions, she is all about managing the complex tasks. Legal frameworks are one thing, but she ensures that these are followed by weaving through the swathe of complex legalities. In the course of her career, she has handled some of the leading companies and personalities of corporate India.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
The core expertise of Sonam, given her training and professional work, is dominated by the legal subject. She has written very incisive articles on businesses can deal with the challenges posed by COVID-19. It becomes all more critical as many of obligatory functions that businesses need to perform cannot be done just because of the virus. The claim of force majeure certainly comes into act. Though it is easy to put out this defence, the question arises how can one defend it. Sonam delves into this topic and provides the way forward on how businesses can handle this situation without actually getting into unnecessary litigation. Besides, the legal subject, the other area of expertise for Sonam is finance. She offers very simple steps to follow on how one can enhance their financial literacy while at the same time explaining the intricacies of the very popular cryptocurrency. “Businesses must, in such unprecedented times, collaboratively work with counter-parties to reach a mutually beneficial solution before going down the adversarial route of litigation, arbitration and adjudication.”