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Sonica Aron

An HR coach using performance management to maintain employee motivation and engagement.
Sonica Aron is an experienced HR professional and a certified coach, passionate about diversity and inclusion. Before starting her HR consulting firm Marching Sheep, Sonica had worked in leadership roles at the corporate and operational level. An alum of XLRI Jamshedpur, Sonica was part of the Top 10 Women Entrepreneur 2020 Forbes India.


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Sonica says one of the key roles of HR includes ensuring continued performance while maintaining employee motivation and engagement. Thus, performance management is a key to the same, especially during amidst a global pandemic, when work from home has been the norm and maintaining a work-life balance has become a necessity. To ensure productivity in a remote workplace, re-crafting goals and KPIs to meet current needs, OKRs methodology, communication, continuous feedback, and trusting the employees are the key components of a modern performance management system that can help. She adds, “It is a key process that ensures that individual and team goals dovetail into organisational goals and businesses drive and reward organisation-wide performance.” “In the current times, organisations need to redefine goals that can be measured in a remote working environment. Poorly defined goals lead to confusion or misunderstanding and bad performance. It is, therefore, especially important that the goals at the organisation and employee level are “Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time-bound”, i.e. SMART. These goals will bring in clarity, commitment, and provide employees with a sense of ownership.”

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