Sourav Basak

Founder, Namaste UI
Sourav Basak, a software engineer and a professional blogger by hobby belonged to a middle-class family in Kolkata but had a passion for technology. After completing high school he opted for Computer Science at engineer college in Kolkata. Sourav started his journey in the IT industry in the year of 2007 and after gathering knowledge and technical abilities and converting them into a reality, it becomes an easy task for him to invent something that is delivering and we call it as a service. His blog covers topics on blogging, business, digital marketing, SEO, finance and everything related to "Internet Marketing". Namaste UI’s revenue comes from contextual ad platforms like Google Adsense, direct ads and selling guest posting and social media bookmarking services. Apart from running the Namaste UI, Sourav also runs a different blog called Reblog it which has a YouTube channel also.

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