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Taslimarif Saiyed

A biotech expert supporting path-breaking innovation in deep science.
Taslimarif Saiyed started his journey with neurosciences, receiving a PhD from Max-Planck Institute for Brain Research, Germany. He went on to study courses in management for biotech and innovation and consulted for several biotech firms. He also teaches at IIT Madras and Amrita Institute - School of Biotechnology. As CEO and Director of C-CAMP since May 2017, he extensively promotes innovation in life sciences and healthcare by supporting the translation of discoveries to application, entrepreneurship, and technology development.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Taslimarif is a strong believer in India’s potential as an innovation powerhouse. He writes how establishing frameworks around three vital ingredients and implementing them systematically can drive India’s growth for decades. The three ingredients, he argues, are a framework that facilitates generation and curation of ideas, deep-tech investment strategies, and a bold vision with a clear view of how to realise growth in every focus sector. He maintains India is progressing beyond distinction in individual programmes and towards collective excellence in innovation that reflects the country’s bold economic vision. According to him, the country needs a nationwide mandate and structure to fuel sustained innovation efforts. He also writes about how the next step to powering India’s growth is establishing a seamless value chain for idea-to-market technology development, much like what the US and China have. “Since economic liberalisation, India has slowly, but steadily metamorphosed into an ambitious tribe on track to becoming a superpower. There is an infectious spirit of innovation in the air. To harness every bit of this spirit, we must recognise that it takes a long time to see the results of the investment of time and money in innovation; we cannot afford to waste any of it.”