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Vinita Gera

Passionate about driving innovation, D&I, and customer transformation impacting programmes.
Graduating in 1995 with a BTech in computer science from the Pune University, Vinita Gera began her career as a developer with DSS Software, a services outfit company making software for UK media companies. She then moved to a global organisation, Veritas Software. She spent about 8 years with Veritas and moved into an engineering manager role. Post Veritas, Vinita spent almost a decade at BMC software where she led large engineering teams and built a SaaS solution from scratch. Vinita joined Dell Technologies India in 2017 as the GM for the Pune Centre of Excellence. Her current role expands across Dell’s Centre of Excellence in Bangalore and Pune, as Senior Director and General Manager, managing day-to-day operations and strategy for the business. With over 20 years of experience across various leadership roles, she is also a certified leadership coach and believes in harnessing the potential of people and teams to create magic.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Vinita writes about innovation and scale using technology, and Dell is no stranger to either. She said, “As India looks towards becoming a $5 trillion economy, machine learning, artificial intelligence, multi-cloud environments, security and other allied digital technologies are taking centre stage in growth conversations. Companies are aware these technologies are the biggest revenue drivers for them, and so, they are heavily investing in skill pools to harness this next phase of growth.” Vinita further highlighted that India’s digital evaluators, adopters and leaders come in at 40, 30 and 11 percent respectively, higher than the global averages of 33, 23 and 5 percent. “India's companies, therefore, have a unique opportunity. They can become digital navigators who drive the next level of business goals and strategy instead of delivering only technology and power to successfully compete in the global arena.” “Today, innovating at scale isn’t just key to succeeding, but also surviving. Our focus on innovation is apparent from the fact that we invest more than our peers to do this, and the efficacy of this focus is clearly visible and encouraging.”