Vinodh Kumar Ravindranath

An industry leader in technology, Vinodh Kumar believes that laziness and boredom are the mothers of innovation.
Vinodh Kumar has expertise in search, ranking, and machine learning. He worked as a software engineer at Cisco, Infinera, and Google, before working as the Chief Technological Officer (CTO) at BloomReach. Currently, he heads the technology team (CTO) at Belong.co. He was also a product and technology mentor at Microsoft Accelerator, for a while. A computer science graduate from Anna University, Vinodh did his Master’s in Science (MS) from the Indian Institute of Science.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
Vinodh is a big observer of the machine’s impact on the human mind, and the subtle conflicts one can have while trying to train a machine’s intelligence. He once admitted that he had a mild guilt-trip when he questioned himself if he had learned enough for his own learning after the machine learning wave entered the industry. He ponders over the fact that, if the interrupt-driven functioning of our human brains is conducive to learning. Considering that a scarce-attention situation is currently making ‘deep’ human learning hard, he recommends that we all should be adhering to good old human learning to survive in the world of machine learning.