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5 simple steps to protect your liver from Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is considered one of the leading causes of cirrhosis disease. Cirrhosis is a condition of liver, that attacks liver cells and slower down it’s functioning. A long term exposure to cirrhosis may damage your liver permanently and the chance of getting a liver cancer gets accumulated due to inflammation. If you are suffering from hepatitis C, protecting your liver from further damage becomes more important. A healthy lifestyle, alcohol control, and safe sex are some of the healthy liver strategies that you must consider to protect and keeping your liver in a good shape says, Dr. Vivek Vij, one of the prominent surgeons at Fortis hospital, has a 100 % Liver transplant success in India. He further explains, early detection of liver diseases may save your liver from further damage, so keep your symptoms in check and get tested for the hepatitis infections. In addition, consider these steps that can help keep your liver healthy

1. Keep track on alcohol intake: We all know that liquor is toxic for health and excessive consumption of alcohol damage your liver. It’s a fact that an uncontrollable intake leads to faster progression of liver diseases, says Dr.Vivek Vij, surgeon of a liver transplant. Thus, to protect your liver from harmful substances keep a track on your drinking habits and make a daily plan to control it.

2. Minimize usage of certain medicines: It is proved that some medicines are hazardous for your liver, an overdose of such drugs may damage your liver. Some pain medications like Acetaminophen can cause liver damage on its own. So it is better to ask your doctor whether a medicine is a good option or not.

3. Try to maintain a healthy body weight:being overweight is associated with number of health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure etc. overweight person can contribute to insulin résistance, which damage your liver from fibrosis, says, Dr. Vivek Vij, having 17+ experience as a surgeon and practicing at Ailbs liver transplant hospital in India.

4. Get vaccinated and go for regular checkups: one of the crucial steps to keep your liver safe from hepatitis A and B. Get vaccinated against them to reduce risks of liver damage.

5. Discuss sexual issues: it is very important to talk about sex with your doctor. People with multiple partners should use prtection to help protect others from hepatitis c infections and in this way, you can protect yourself againstany sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, which may worsen your liver troubles.  

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