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MindYour Body Language 

So we are in the world of entrepreneurship , meeting new people ,clients , investors and others is part of our business . Our body language gives first impression even before we have uttered a single word .

We all know how we can speak thousand words without uttering a single one . One eye contact , a slight movement of face from one side to the other and even position of chin while standing speaks lot more than you meant . I remember during my first job , my boss once told me how he decided to hire me . He said the way you walked , portrayed loads of confidence but not a inch of arrogance . You were relaxed and confident about yourself . It made me realise for the first time how important is our body language in every pace of life . In today's corporate world when all of us are striving to make our mark , it becomes important to present ourselves in a proper way . During an interview ,while walking toward our cabin , dining and drinking , every gesture speaks volume about us . My work gives me lot of opportunity to meet new people everyday . And it has helped me enrich my knowledge about their behaviour, attitude and perception .I have tried to sum up key observations which makes a mark while we meet somebody at work place , go for an interview or maybe a client meeting . 

 In the reception area

When you enter the reception area , greet the receptionist with a sweet smile . If you are supposed to wait don't sit . Infact stand with your hand in hand behind your back and slowly rock back and forth on your feet ( controlled and confident) .It gently reminds the receptionist , you are there and she needs to expedite the process .

Confident Entry

When the receptionist gives you the green signal , don't hesitate and walk with a constant pace . Don't wait like a school child to be treated by headmaster . Person meeting you would love your graceful entry with poise and confidence .

The Handshake

Handshakes for me used to be a great torture , I avoid physical touch , hugs or handshakes . It may be due to some strong personal reasons behind this discomfort but I gradually tried to overcome this . A handshakes should be with a straight palm , and pressure should be returned mutually . Use the person's name twice in first 15 seconds , it helps build the rapport .

Take your Seat

If you are compelled to sit in a low chair directly facing the other person , turn it 45 degrees from the person to avoid struck in the reprimand postion. If you cant angle the chair , angle your body instead . Sometimes you may have to sit in the informal space of the office , like a sofa that sinks very low . In that case sit on the edge so that you are able to control your posture in a better way and look more controlled and confident .

Your Exit

Pack your things calmly and deliberately , do not be in hurry and hassle , handshake and turn to walk out . Its proved that when you walk out , people observe your rear . Men should have polished back of the shoes and women tend to arrange her dress and hair as they move out . Do turn and smile while exit as its better to be remembered for your smile then than your rear .

Practice makes a person perfect and more prepared for any situation .Hope it helps and do share your moments of perfect meetings .

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A Recruitment advisor with focus on connecting Right Talent to Education Industry and Start-Ups . Love writing and sharing first hand experiences which may benefit readers .

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