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Still wondering if your iPhone 8 case supports wireless charging?

Are you an ardent iPhone lover? Well, then you might have already heard the big news. iPhone 8 is out and how! It has caused a storm in the markets with its new features. One of the most talked about features is that iPhone 8 supports wireless charging. However, do you have the right iPhone 8 case for wireless charging? Read this article to know more. 

iPhone 8 case
iPhone 8 case

One of the most awaited phones has been launched. People cannot stop talking about its amazing features. The phone not only looks fabulous, but also has powerful features. Wireless charging is one of its most talked about features. Just like Android, iPhone too now can be charged wirelessly. However, an appropriate iPhone 8 case is required that supports wireless charging. First, let’s understand what is wireless charging?

Wireless charging

We all love that our phones can be charged wirelessly. However, do we know how it actually works? It’s important to understand that first! Wireless charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects. This helps charge your phone without actually plugging it in. Interesting, right?

Let’s now understand the compatibility of iPhone 8 case with wireless charging. iPhone 8 is said to be compatible with Qi standard. This is good news, as Qi charging pads have been around for quite some time and are extremely reliable. However, the signal from these pads can penetrate up to certain millimeters only. Thus, the iPhone 8 case you use becomes crucial. A lot also depends on the phone. Confused? Well, the position of the coil inside your phone might cause problems in wireless charging.

iPhone 8 cases – Trending topic

There are several iPhone 8 cases available in the market that are compatible with wireless charging. You need to make the right choice or you’ll be stuck changing cases every few days. Stylizedd offers certain extremely awesome iPhone 8 cases. Also, they offer a wide variety of designer cases. Thus, this means you don’t need to carry your old bulky cases anymore. These iPhone 8 cases are lightweight and easy to carry. They are designed keeping in mind the wireless charging compatibility. These cases are slim, this allows the wireless charging signal to efficiently charge your iPhone. They also offer custom iPhone 8 cases. This allows you to design your own case and get it printed.

However, people using heavy metal cases that are bulky, might face a problem. These cases do not allow the signal to reach your iPhone. Hence, slim and stylish iPhone 8 cases are going to be trending soon. So, if you’ve already bought or are planning to buy an iPhone 8 case, do consider cases that are thin so that you can charge your phone wirelessly.

Stylizedd is a leading phone case brand of UAE. They offer amazing products that are perfect for gifting. Moreover, they also ship worldwide. Their products also can be customized and given a personal touch. Explore the exciting collection! 

Create your own design and flaunt your iPhone 8 today! 

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Stylizedd is UAE's No. 1 creator of awesome customizable and designer mobile cases, laptop sleeves, mugs & more super cool products.

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