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Re-energize email campaigning with dynamic content

Email marketing campaigns always demand the perfect blend of design and content to engage or attract readers. An attractively designed email requires the use of personalized content, layout and design that leads a way to increased transactions, open rates, click through rates and so on. At times, it becomes quite challenging for marketers to allow increased open rates from a huge list of mails. However, this can be made possible by introducing real-time dynamic content. Dynamic content creation introduces a personalized experience for the visitor, who can then be converted into a buyer.

By establishing content relevancy, businesses can increase their chances of converting visitors. However, before reaching any conclusion, it is important to understand the psychology and user behavior. This, in turn, calls for the need of a dynamic email. Dynamic email delivers open-time personalization for every user/subscriber. It is easy to send one-to-one marketing mails to a large number of subscribers in order to drive an increased ROI and user engagement.

Listed below are 6 useful elements that can be incorporated in your emails to push up campaigns a notch higher:

* Limited time offers, upcoming events, registration deadlines:

* An immediate subject line or something that creates a sense of urgency proves to be highly effective. With the addition of dynamic countdown timer at the top of emails, you can display a sense of urgency.

* Videos

* Video content is another prolific element that can be applied to design a highly creative email. Videos that work for social media channels can easily be leveraged or integrated with your emails. Embedding such creative videos holds the attention of site viewers and compels them to re-visit the store for sales and purchase.

* Social feeds

* Marketing on social media means you are already targeting a huge set of audiences. Social media marketing is all about engaging a large network of audiences by providing relevant content. Similarly, social feeds that are real-time like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram offer greater opportunity for user engagement. With the use of dynamic social feeds, subscribers can easily open and receive messages so that visitors can see them in real-time and easily click through to interact with your social content. This further helps to strengthen email marketing efforts and multiply conversions.

* Feedback

* In order to evaluate the services provided by you, it is important to track customer’s feedback. This can be done by survey forms and proper reviews. Taking customer’s reviews is an important way to improve brand recognition.

* Device and geo-targeting

* With geo-targeted emails, it has become easy to personalize the customer experience. Using this kind of email marketing technique, businesses can incorporate all the elements that can lead to increased conversions and better customer experience.

* Dynamic surveys

* As discussed above, surveys and reviews can help customers gain a better insight of what consumers demand from you. They can help you collect the required information about potential and existing customers. Dynamic questions with radio buttons when inserted in your mails allow the recipients to respond immediately.

* They also allow customers to provide recipients with quick gratification by allowing them to view the results of their input within the email.

Final verdict:

Before implementing dynamic email marketing as a part of your email campaign program, it is important to know what dynamic content means to them. With the integration of external content in email newsletters, personalization becomes a piece of cake.

Such kind of email newsletters are extra relevant to subscribers. Designed with one-size-fit-all approach, email newsletters can be used very dynamically. It should definitely be a part of every email marketing plan to result into relevant communication that leads to engagement and brand awareness.

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Nola Arney is an expert responsive email template developer employed at HTMLPanda. She has been offering responsive email template development services to clients globally. Owing to a huge skill set and proficiency in the related domain, she has acquired successful results till now. In addition to this, she also likes sharing knowledge on Responsive Email conversion. This blog is one of her unique and well-written compositions aimed at imparting useful knowledge to readers. Visit: http://www.htmlpanda.com/psd-to-responsive-email-template.php