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Business auto insurance coverage along with its benefits

Commercial auto insurance is the key need for your whole business. It needs for your whole vehicles like car, trucks and vans. No matter your business is small or big, it benefits both in an equal manner.

Business Auto Insurance
Business Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is the key need for your whole business. It needs for your whole vehicles like car, trucks and vans. No matter your business is small or big, it benefits both in an equal manner.

Basically commercial or business insurance is the policy for any physical damage along with other losses like amount, etc. Many insurance agencies like Praetorian Insurance Company are providing these insurance services for the sake of your business. Business auto insurance is slightly different from auto insurance because personal auto insurance is not for business, that’s why this policy is treated differently from a commercial auto insurance policy.


Business auto insurance policies provide the coverage of things that include:

• Combined single limit (CSL)

• Property damage liability coverage

• Body injury liability coverage

• Medical payment incurred due to personal injury

• Coverage of uninsured motorist

• Physical damage

Combined single limit (CSL)

Combined single limit (CSL) is basically a single dollar limit that claims for a bodily injury or any property damage.

Property damage liability coverage

It provides a protection for a condition that if your vehicle hits another person’s property and it also provides you with a legal defence in most cases.

Body injury liability coverage

It provides you pay for a bodily injury that accidentally occurs from you. It also provides some legal defence in this type of cases that accidentally occur from you.

• Medical payment incurred due to personal injury

• It provides you pay for passengers and driver that were present at the time of an accident in your vehicle.

• Coverage of uninsured motorist

• It pays for certain injury or property damage that caused by an uninsured driver.

• Physical damage

It provides you pay for your physical loss that occurred due to flood, theft, fire, vandalism and also for other circumstances.


This auto insurance policy has influential benefits in all aspects. As discussed earlier that it provides the number of liability services which are the basic problems faced by persons with any unwanted situation. But having this commercial policy can provide you relief in a number of situations. Business auto insurance provides many benefits. Major benefits are discussed below:

• The most important benefit of using this policy is that it provides your business proper protection to your business that is governed by local and state laws. The law states that everyone should attain minimum auto insurance coverage that he or she drives.

• Another benefit is that it provides coverage for your employees and yourself both. It provides coverage for your vehicle and or any other vehicle that are a part of an accident that occurs from you. In this condition, this policy provides relief from any harm.

• It is basically the protection of your whole business. If any of your vehicles are involved in the accident in which other is seriously injured or killed then this insurance policy you have adopted named commercial auto insurance helps you in this case and provides liability coverage.

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