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Top 5 secrets you must try to improve Quality Score in Google Adwords

Here, we are discussing about top secrets, that you must try to improve the Quality Score in Google Adwords

Google Adwords Quality score is supposed to show you the quality of running ads. The Quality score ranging from 1-10 where 1 means lowest and 10 means highest. So, it is recommeded to view the quality score on regualr basis in order to examine the performnce of running ads.

Here, we are discussing about top secrets, that you must try to improve the Quality Score in Google Adwords. These are:

1. Similar types of Keywords within Ad Groups
It is recommeded to create spreadsheet containg the keywords. After that, filter the similar keywords in order to get it small by 15-20 keywords within single AdGroups. In order to achieve good overall quality score, you should make sure that your keyword, ad, and landing page all neatly tie together.

2. Negative Keywords at Campaign and Adgroup Level
In single word, negative keywords can save your ad from being triggered for certain search query search/words. It informs Google Adwords to ignore the Ad to anyone looking for that word.

3. Take benefits of Expanded Text Ads
Your ads have to be as relevant as possible to user search queries in order to improve quality score. Google has recently lanunced Expanded text ads format and this allows you more space to describe your Ads. Expanded text ads have enough room to add benefits and a call-to-action within Ads.

4. Using Available Ad Extensions
Google Adwords have a range of Ad Extensions that you can use the same at account, campaign or AdGroup level. Ad Extensions are important elements of Quality score calculations as they add extra information about your business that help searchers find what they’re looking. Available Ad Extensions are : Sitelinks, Location, Call, Review, Seller Ratings etc.

5. Landing Page Content
Landing page content and its relancy to ads directly related to quality score. Landing page must be informative, user friendly, and information related to Ads in order to get high quality score. Landing page user experince also plays important role in quality score.

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