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Top 3 Dropshipping Companies in India

Top 3 Dropshipping Companies in India

Thursday March 19, 2020,

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Dropshipping business attracts the newer as well as the settled entrepreneurs due to favorable e-commerce business model. There never existed any requirement of purchasing, storing and managing the inventories. The creative thinking ability and exploring the diverse selling process can let you stand out of the gathering. 

This supply chain management method wants you to transfer the order and shipment details for the packaging and shipping process. The receiver of the order details may be another retailer, manufacturer, or wholesaler to assure the needful shipment. 

Keeping our focus dedicatedly towards the Indian products, we can consider the list of 3 best dropshipping companies in India fulfilling the expectations. Among the given preferences, Baapstore.com even favors the entrepreneurs in setting up the complete e-commerce business with needful provisions. 

It provides features including free product deliveries, international shipping, hosting the e-commerce site, payment & shipping integrations, etc. Without even completing the registration process, you get the flexibility to explore the entire products on the platform and decide future planning. 

Top 3 Dropshipping Companies in India:

1.      Baapstore:

Baapstore is the greatest platform to initiate a full-fledged e-commerce business. The platform effectively facilitates the dropshipping of Indian products with long term transparency. You get a provision of choosing over 50000+ products through a well-managed chain of the delivery network all across the country. Moreover, there exist 4000+ SKUs costing around 8-10 crore rupees.  

Top 3 dropshipping companies in India

Unlike the other platforms, Baapstore is iconic in providing free shipping services even for Rs.10 products. The sellers maintaining a good fulfillment ratio are rated by Amazon to be a buy box seller.

The sellers receiving buy box rating from Amazon get such heavy economical benefit and free product delivery services associating with Baapstore. This is exceptional to consider among other similar companies in India.

Why Choose Baapstore for Dropshipping Business?

  • Provision of enjoying the benefit of maximum profit returns with the products. 
  • The store handles all the needful from sourcing to shipment letting you stress-free. 
  • Just concentrate on the online marketing of the products without even having a shop. 
  • Manage the marketing and sales process using your mobile or the laptop anytime. 
  • The greatest scope for the online sellers to enter into 100 billion USD market by 2022. 
  • The huge availability of Indian products for the dropshipping at wholesale prices
  • Provision to set up your selling price for diverse categories of products.
  • Avail smart websites supporting automatic stock upgrades in real-time. 
  • Free delivery all over India along with tracking number and same day shipment option. 
  • Availability to avail feature-rich e-commerce website and hosting.
  • Free marketing tool including affiliate marketing tools and coupon code generators. 
  • Flexibility to sell on various marketplaces and social media platforms. Market your products using Amazon, e-Bay, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, WhatsApp, etc to name a few.

Along with the above noticeable benefits, you can enjoy white-label branding for your products. The end customers will see only your name and website in the packaged shipments. Baapstore will never brand itself with end customers supporting you with a heavy profit margin of up to 50-80 percent with the products.  

Working process for the dropshippers with Bappstore:

  1. Register and subscribe to Baapstore to get a dedicated e-commerce site with 1K+ products.
  2. Decide your own MRP for the products with a facility to list them even on Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  3. Setup auto-order details of the order with Baapstore or let them know about sales. 
  4. Enjoy hassle-free shipping with the store without any worries and enjoy profit benefits. 

2.      Trade India:

Trade India is another dropshipping platform for entrepreneurs searching for a B2B business model. The organization has been successful in winning the customer’s trust since the year of establishment. Working with the business model for over 20 years of period with trust is the greatest achievement.  

The platform connects a huge number of manufacturers and retailers to satisfy their requirements. The retailers feel happy to get in connection with the correct suppliers and enjoy the maximum selling benefits. The platform is the genuine marketplaces to promote the products online all across the globe. 

Along with the smoother interconnectivity between the buyers and the sellers, Trade India also facilitates a 3600 digital marketing solution. The individuals get the flexibility to market their products to the targeted customer base for maximum sales. We help the associates in creating their brand value with countless benefits. Measure your company growth on a titanic scale in connection with us and earn handsomely. 

Why choose Trade India?

  • Single platform for the individuals along with SME’s and MSME’s for product marketing online.
  • Flexibility to avail payment protection plans, collateral-free loans, and logistics like functionalities. 
  • An e-marketplace providing Adword/ SSL certificate/ Domain/ FB/ SMO, like technical solutions. 
  • Opportunity to dig deep inside 2223 product categories and sub-categories for the greatest benefits. 
  • The iconic platform for wholesalers, online marketers, exporters, manufacturers, and suppliers.
  • Huge database availability of 3907769 sellers and 3921082 buyers as per today’s analytics. 


3.      Justdial:

Justdial never offers a dropshipping like a platform similar to Baapstore and others. It just acts as a medium to help you connect with the suppliers to ensure the supply of products in the dropshipping medium. 

Being an e-commerce company, it facilitates the interconnectivity among the individuals and the companies all across the globe. The attractive feature is the availability of amazing deals and quotes for the business. The real-time chat messenger helps users and businesses in seamless interconnection without hassles. 

Why Choose Justdial?

  • Availability of using the services across diverse platforms including websites, apps, voice, and text, etc.
  • Opportunity to get in connection with millions of listings.
  • Provision to join the billionaire business communities for maximum exposures. 
  • Opportunity to spread the business among 250+ cities with PAN India presence. 
  • Technology equipped platform with customized social presence and real-time chat messenger. 
  • Existing presence of over billions of users all across the country assuring the trust.
  • Well-experienced team of e-commerce, marketing, and technology professionals. 


To sum up, all the above-mentioned three platforms are the best options to initiate a dropshipping business. There exist numerous sets of features and specifications for the mentioned mediums. 

Baapstore still leads the race in terms of the best dropshipping platform with numerous applicable features. Either we talk about the resources, management, technology, marketing, sales profit, or the others, the platform turns out to be iconic in all aspects.