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Need of Accurate Talent Hiring 

Profound and astute marketing expert ,Mr Ankit Jain, CEO,E Bazar Ninja shares his views on why quality hiring is important and not quantity hiring:


Its often said that, 

“Success in business is solely based on the people and the people makes the brand.”

Hiring a right talent is utmost important as it can make your brand and also break your brand name.

How to identify the right candidate for the right job? It is a jigsaw puzzle and only you as a entrepreneur can solve it. From screening the CVs to the final recruitment each and every task has to be done with scrutiny and with set of questions for each round.

Some of the key factors that can be kept in mind while hiring a right talent and for the retention also:

1. Real skills should be accessed:

While taking an interview the credentials are important but the real skills are when the candidate is quizzed with the series of the questions. Maybe an engineering degree or a top notch position will be as deliverable to you in the later time and they don’t have the real skills which a start up is looking for. After screening the resume just try and throw in some questions and also include a small test that is clearly based on the criteria on which your start up is hiring. It maybe sound bit hectic but you get the apt talent for the apt job.

2. Welcome the changes: 

It is somewhat on the similar lines on the openness to change. A candidate MUST be willing to change. Often seen the rigidity in the candidates can lead to problem .A start up is all about learning new processes as the polices might to be different from the candidate’s past experiences and unlearning the past the learning new things can sometimes pose a challenge for the candidate. During an interview it has to be kept in that the candidate has adaptability to change.

3. Share the vision: 

When the candidate is hired don’t flood him with the incentives and the paychecks but share the vision of the company. By doing this the candidate can feel he can become key member of the company in the coming years and this particular step will help in retention of the employee also. With the future prospects grip the mind of the candidate he or she will try and do best to be accountable.

4. Start up gives recognition:

According to Incentive Magazine the employees who work in the culture of recognition are more likely to feel valued by the senior management. One key benefit of working with a start up is that the employee can be recognized. It is huge way to feel the employee empowered. It is continuation of the above point.

5. Hiring and Firing: 

Both are the important aspects of the recruitment and retention process respectively. 

For example, recently news has been surfaced from Flipkart of bulk hiring. Around 10,000 employees will be hired for the coming festive season in India and same goes for Snapdeal also. It is mainly for the smooth running of the processes during bulk seasons. It is anticipating the need way ahead of time.

6. Gives choices: 

The correct attitude for the start up is giving them a choice that means flexibility in shifts, some personal benefits like health .One of the important factor in the employee retention is the health. Try and provide some HRA and show these benefits during the final discussion. This will not only gives the inside of the policy but also the candidate will feel that the company that truly cares.

7. Don’t stop: 

Employees join with some expectations and that should not fade away with time. The team has to be motivated from time to time. Recruiting the best talent is one factor you have conquered but to retain it is another big challenge and a well motivated team means a healthy start up. For the start ups it is part of the business evolution.

8. Creating a culture and norm:

Initially, the start up is devoid of culture and norms so let the employees add on to it. Have a small question in mind with your employee: What are criteria of happiness and how you will inculcate in the fellow employees? Make a small questionnaire and continue with the other set of employees and covering all the departments.

9. Team and Data handling:

Start ups need to establish themselves as the brand name in the market so the candidate approached directly to the company. But in the initial struggle a team has to be formed for the recruitment and hiring purposes. Data of candidates has to filed and managed in database accordingly. For the start ups the need is to have a designated small set of team initially with all basic tools of hiring given to them. .  Now, what you have in hand.....


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