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As you never wished it

When we were kids ,often asked about our wish to be or become. Mostly didn't turn out to what we actually wished. But we still love life even if we never wished it. 

When I was a kid my relatives, teachers & many unknowns used to ask me a very similar question. I am sure many of us faced the same. " What you wished to be in life?" I used to spell out what ever suited me every time when it was asked. It was unique most of the time & very different from earlier answer. I was actually clueless about my future. I only knew that I need to survive & earn as fast as possible. 

I was born in a rich family but soon we turned out to be very poor by natural process. My parents lost income & all that they had. Looks like very filmy like many Bollywood stories. But trust me it's not at all romantic to be poor & needy. But you become a survivor

When I got a respectable job I thought this is what I wished. No it was not. I worked hard and became a Manager & a father together. That was when I thought life is as I wished. I was wrong. 

I became a head in a farm. I bought a house &  car and became father again. We were happy with what I became.  I thought it was what I wished to be. But never mind. God has different plans. I went abroad. 

I lived there with mostly discomfort being away from family. Bought family there & I got kicked from abroad. I never wished it. But life is all about new wish.

Returned in a ragged condition. Stressed family, stressed kids. No income. But got settled a bit in few months. God has a plan always. We wish something different but God already made a plan before. So try the new life you got. Never wish what you wished to be. Enjoy life as you never wished.

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