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Simply Blood and Story behind it!

World's First Virtual Blood Donation Platform

My name is Kiran Verma, and I am the founder of Simply Blood - World's First Virtual Blood Donation Platform.

About The Founder

I am a school dropout and did schooling upto 10th standard only. I sold posters on roadside, worked as freelancer reporter, worked in a packaging company then moved to one of the largest media house in India, later I joined a US Publishing firm and was Heading corporate communication with a well known University in Greater Noida.

Before we start, I would like to share What is Simply Blood? and Why we created this platform? So, to begin with I am going to share 3 accidents which changed my lives completely and forced me to do this.

First incidence took place, when I was around 6-7 years old I lost my mother due to cancer. Her death was not related with blood but her demise left me alone and I got to realise losing someone at an early age. I took a pledge that I will do my level best to save lives in my life. So, I started donating blood and created a small community of blood donors.

Second shock took place when in August 2016 one of our community members didn't inform us about his mother, who was fighting with dangue and he was around 2-3 hours away from her. His mother needed platlets and he thought he will make it to donate his own platlets to his mother. But by the time he could make it, it was all over. That day I realized that time and distance is so critical.

Third and biggest eye-opening day was 28 Dec 2016, when I got a call that somebody needs blood in Delhi and I went to donate blood. I was clueless about who called me or who is the needy. When I was coming back after donating blood, I changed my mind and thought to meet the patient. I couldn't meet the patient but I got to meet his wife. I was broken to hear that the lady sold herself to bring her husband for the treatment to Delhi and my own blood which I donated for free was sold to her for Rs. 1500. The person who called me was an agent who used to sell blood to poor people who are from outside Delhi.

That day, I decided that I won't be working anymore and left my job to give my 100% to this cause. We started working on the app on 3rd Jan and launched the app on 29th Jan 2017.


Simply Blood Introduction video
Simply Blood Introduction video

Problem for Donor - Usually blood donation is being done through blood donation camps. But in this case nobody knows who is going to get blood and the blood donated for a nobel cause is being sold by private blood banks at the price range from Rs. 1500 to 50K (depending upon the rarity of the blood).

Problem for Needy - If somebody needs blood then in that case they need to buy the blood or get the donor arranged. To search donor there are many large networks where you can find the number of blood donors. But on any such network we get to see the database of blood donors. We need to call every potential donor for their availability which takes hours and even if a donor is ready to donate the travel time is quite long. At times we fail to save lives due to such long process.

Simply Blood is the solution to all these problems. We have a database of more than 50K blood donors in India with more than 1000 registered on our app. A donor needs to register on our app and "select a date" to donate blood. We will find the exact location of the donor on the selected date and connect them to the nearest possible needy person. Donor donates blood straight to the needy.

When a person needs blood he/she just need to search in 3 simple steps and the request is being shared to all the potential donors available to donate blood near you. Without calling hundreds of donors all with get to see your request in App, SMS and Email in just few seconds. If the search doesnt find any donor then the request is being handled manually using 50K donor database and few associated agencies.

In 2016 we saved around 13 potential lives from (August to December) through blood donation. Since Jan 2017 we have save around 100+ potential lives (till 2 March). Our target is to save 1 million potential lives by 2020 using our platform.

1) The App has reached organically to 21 nations in less than a month.

2) Has been used by more than 500+ users in Delhi/NCR

3) One of the highest rated Androind app for Blood Donation

4) More than 100+ students under SimplyBlood Ambassador Program (SAP)

Simply Blood App is available for Android phones only and the iOS version will be launched soon. Simply Blood can be downloaded from Google Play Store:


Kindly join the cause and support this nobel initiative.

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