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Kidzography- Building India's 1st Kids Photography Studio Chain

Kidzography- India's 1st Kids Photography Studio Chain

Kidzography is a kids’ photography company based in Mumbai.  Currently Kidzography  works on studio at home concept where our team goes to the client’s place with the theme set up and completes the photo shoot in 2-3 hrs. Kidzography associates with kids’ brands and drives its business by creating a Win-Win situation for channel partners like kids retail brands, Playschools, hospitals, play zones, stem-cell banking, online kids brands and us.

Kidzography aims to further expand to Top 15 metro cities by opening specialized kids’ studios and operate on both models—studio at home and studio model.

Further Kidzography aims to enter kids’ event planning & party supplies.


Unavailability of a specialized kids’ studio in the top cities of India.

It’s a tedious task to find a professional specialized kids’ photographer in the unorganized photography industry; there is no brand present in kids’ photography.

Props are not provided by freelance photographers; also, their approach is traditional.

The reach of photographers is very limited which results in the business being driven majorly by references.

The approach of freelance photographers is also unprofessional; there is no system process being followed.

The few kids’ photographers available charge very high prices.

Kidzography offers a unique service as it specializes only in kids’ photography in the cluttered photography market. We will be providing specialized kids’ studios which are rare in India. Kidzography offers all the props needed for the photo shoot and operates as a company, unlike freelance photographers, to ensure better quality and customer experience. Kidzography works on creative, new themes trending, and creates a differentiation from the other photographers

Business Model-Kidzography is a specialized kids photography company and it associates with kids’ related brands and sells its services to individuals, hospitals, kids’ brands, corporates, event management companies and more, to generate business for its kids’ specialized studios.

Kidzography plans to work on company owned company operated (COCO) studios.

Traction-Since its inception in July 2015, Kidzography has done over 100 shoots and has generated over 13lakhs revenue.

At this stage we are looking for Investors to cash on the acceptance from the market by starting the First Studio in Mumbai and further expanding to other cities.

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