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How to Perform Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook Conversion

This article talks about the reliable methods to convert Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook.

How to Perform Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook Conversion

Tuesday June 18, 2019,

5 min Read

The technological changes of the present era has led to the changes in our communication modes also. Now, emails are considered as one of the major modes of communication with numerous email clients are there. Take example of Thunderbird and Outlook. Both are popular email clients, but users often switch between them. While moving to Outlook from Thunderbird, people need to perform Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook Conversion. To help the users with similar queries, we will depict some methods to export Thunderbird contacts to MS Outlook 2016. First of all, have a look at some of the related queries Thunderbird users have who want to move the MAB file into Outlook email client.

Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook

How to Convert Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook

When it comes to exporting contact files of Thunderbird email client into Outlook, there are different approaches available. Users can choose either manual or automated technique to import their contacts book data in Outlook. Read on to learn about both the techniques in detail.

Manual Method to Convert Thunderbird Contact List to Outlook

In the manual method, users can perform the contact export with the help of in-built tools only. This method is short, simple, and can be done by anyone.

1. Open Thunderbird and click on Tools >> Address Book.

2. Again click on Tools >> Export.

3. Choose CSV from file format list. Also add a name to the contact file.

4. All the contacts of Thunderbird Address Book will be converted in Outlook compatible format.

5. Now you have to open Outlook and click on File>> Open and Export.

6. From ImportExport Wizard, proceed to import Comma Separated Values file format.

7. Thus, all the Thunderbird Address Book contacts will get exported into Outlook.

Drawbacks of Manual Technique

Converting address book contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook manually is not a difficult task to do. But there are some limitations of this process about which we are going to tell you now:

  • Data loss might appear during manual Thunderbird contacts conversion.
  • Incomplete conversion might take place without any specific reason.
  • Thunderbird installation is a must, orphan MAB file cannot be converter in this way.
  • Multiple or bulk number of MAB files are not possible to migrate through this method.
  • Manual technique does not allow conversion in PST file format.

Alternative Solution to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook

If you are not happy with the manual method then we have got a better solution for you. SysTools MAB Converter is the perfect tool for the users who want to convert Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook. It takes only a few steps to convert the MAB file into CSV or PST file format and later, users can always import it in their preferred version of Outlook.

Step 1: Launch the tool and click on Add File options.


Launch the tool

Step 2: Browse to the directory where MAB files are stored and add one or more MAB files.


Add MAB File

Step 3: All contacts of selected MAB files will be available for preview.


Preview Contacts

Step 4: Click on Export button from the top menu to convert Thunderbird Address Book.


Export Thunderbird Address Book

Step 5: Choose between CSV and PST as the target file format.


Select PST / CSV

Step 6: Choose the destination folder for the resultant Outlook compatible file.


Destination Folder

Step 7: Again, click on Export button to convert MAB to Outlook contact file.


Convert MAB to PST

Benefits of using Thunderbird Address Book Converter

SysTools MAB Converter is an efficient software that will surely meet all your conversion related requirements. Here are some of the main features of this software that gives it an upper hand over the native solution.

  • Add and Convert Multiple Thunderbird Contact Files: The software allows users to add any number of MAB files and converts the contact file format in bulk. Users can also add a folder containing multiple Thunderbird Address Book files

  • Preview Complete MAB Data: When one or mode MAB files are added to this application, users can click on any contacts and preview its complete detail including the photo.

  • No Thunderbird Installation Required: Users can easily perform address book conversion of orphan MAB files. Thunderbird installation is not required at all for this purpose.

  • Conversion With or Without Outlook: If users want to export the address book into PST file, the software can perform the conversion with or without the installation of Outlook on the same computer. When Outlook is installed, users should check "Use Outlook" option of the tool.

Concluding Lines

If users want to The process of Thunderbird address book to Outlook conversion can be done using different methods. For the benefit of the users, we have described two different and useful approaches in this post. Users can choose between the methods as per their necessity. For MAB file conversion without Outlook or bulk number of Thunderbird contact file export, MAB Converter is the perfect solution. That is why, experts around the world suggest this automated approach for corruption-free contact file migration.