CRED members distribute PPEs to over 500,000 frontline workers battling coronavirus

The Bengaluru-based fintech startup, along with GiveIndia and CRY, is donating face masks to those fighting coronavirus at the frontline.

Across the country, individuals and organisations are ensuring the safety and well-being of those who are most vulnerable to the deadly coronavirus. At a time where the health of the larger population is of concern, there has been an apparent deficit of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks, hazmat suits, etc.

Due to a strain in global supply chains, as well as high costs, such resources have become scarce for doctors and other healthcare professionals who are at the frontline in the battle against COVID-19, and are likely to be more exposed to contracting infections, where work conditions have become indefinitely dangerous.

Every hero deserves a mask 

To help with this shortage of supply, CRED, the Bengaluru-based fintech startup of highly trusted individuals, brands, and institutions, have come together to support over 500,000 frontline professionals. CRED is a digital platform that offers rewards to its exclusive members for paying their credit card bills.

“Anyone sacrificing their own safety for the larger good of the society is no less than a hero, and our members believe that every hero deserves a mask,” CRED said in a statement.

The community at CRED decided to distribute surgical masks to healthcare workers at primary health centres (PHCs), pharmacists, ASHA workers, among others who are the first line of defense for the vulnerable sections of society. 

CRED believes that this initiative is for those heroes who leave their homes every day, putting themselves and their families at risk, solely to serve the society. 

Collection of CRED coins

The fintech startup’s members earn CRED coins every time they pay their credit bills. By the first week of April, more than 15,000 members contributed to this initiative by collectively spending their CRED coins to provide 100,000 individuals with protective masks. 

The contributions made have been channeled through GiveIndia, an online donation platform, to Child Rights and You (CRY), the organisation which handles the on-ground distribution of the masks across India.
“We are humbled that all the members of CRED want to partner with us during this unprecedented emergency. Wanting to help those who are helping us by doing their job, highlights the strength of humanity. We hope by joining forces with organisations like CRED, we can make a real difference,” said  Atul Satija, CEO of GiveIndia.

GiveIndia, with contributions of over Rs 300 crore made to more than 200 trusted NGOs, provides its donors with a safe and high-trust environment for donations. While CRY, on the other hand, is a trusted 41-year-old NGO that works actively towards the upliftment of child rights globally.

“Responding to the emerging needs of the hour, we would support healthcare workers like the auxiliary nurse midwife (ANMs), Anganwadi workers, mental health workers, and ASHAs with an adequate supply of masks and gloves to ensure that they are safe and well-protected while reaching out to serve children, expecting and lactating mothers in our intervention areas,” said Puja Marwaha, CEO of CRY.

Donation and expansion

In the first phase of this initiative, CRY donated masks to 450 primary health centres in Delhi, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Panchkula. 

“We do believe that, together, we will be able to address the challenge of limited supplies of personal protective equipment for the health workers in the worst affected of our intervention areas,” added Puja.

Globally, organisations are collaborating and coming together during such unprecedented times to provide those in need with face masks, hand sanitisers, other protective equipment, and nutritional support.

Fintech startup CRED is already looking at expanding the project in a way that will enable more members to spend more CRED coins, which in turn, will aid people across different Indian states. 

Edited by Suman Singh