Holi 2021: How to celebrate a safe, eco-friendly Holi during the pandemic

With the pandemic showing no signs of receding, SocialStory recommends these tips to stay safe while enjoying an eco-friendly and sustainable Holi.

It’s that time of spring when colours come in from not just flowers in India. The Holi festival is here, and people across various parts of our country are set to celebrate with colours, food and festive cheer.

The pandemic is still out there, however, and social distancing is still a necessity as every person is a potential carrier. Adding to that is the problem of pollution and the potential health hazards associated with the chemicals in the colours. And yet, all said, if there is ever a need for some cheer, it is now.

So, on the eve of this year’s Holi, SocialStory shares some tips to celebrate a sustainable and safe festival, while taking sufficient precautions.

Use organic, eco-friendly colours

It’s a no brainer. While the regular colours sold are generally quite toxic and may contain harmful chemicals, organic colours serve the purpose whilst being a safer option.

Naturally coloured powders like Mehendi, turmeric powder, powdered rose petals, Kumkum, indigo flowers, and saffron orange among others are great substituents to toxic ones.

No water, just colour

Water scarcity is still a prevailing issue in the country, and many places across states do not still have access to potable water. In that sense, the responsible thing to do would be to use less water or no water at all.

Flowers, flowers everywhere

Flowers come in so many colours and can be a great replacement for powders

Flowers come in so many colours – blues, pinks, yellows – and being a festival in the springtime, there is no shortage of these colours. Flowers also make a perfect natural substitute to powders, not adversely impacting the environment, either.

The flowers used for the celebration can be composted or recycled to make other products like incense sticks. Companies like Phool make use of flower wastes to generate products.

Avoid water balloons

Water balloons are a Holi season favourite, but that can also increase the amount of non-biodegradable waste after the celebration. A lot of water is wasted in the name of fun, so we suggest it is best to steer clear of these balloons completely.


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It may be Holi, a time of fun and cheer, and the seriousness of the pandemic is easy to forget amidst the celebrations. However, you never know if the person you come in contact with is a silent carrier of the virus. So, maintain safe distance, wear a mask, and have fun keeping precaution in mind.

Hygiene after the fun

Adding to the previous point, it is compulsory to clean up after the celebrations. Make sure to take a hot shower after the fun to rid the colours and wash off the germs. Steam inhalation is also highly recommended.

Here’s wishing all our readers a happy and safe Holi.

Edited by Anju Narayanan


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