Virtualness: Kirthiga Reddy's new bet on Web3

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Virtualness: Kirthiga Reddy's new bet on Web3

Friday February 17, 2023,

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Kirthiga Reddy's new bet on Web3 creators

Kirthiga Reddy, Co-founder and CEO of Virtualness, is the latest entrant in the Web3 space, bringing her vast experience from leadership tenures at Meta and SoftBank.

Virtualness is Reddy’s mobile-first platform that promises to simplify value creation and capture for Web3 content creators and brands.

It is designed to provide an integrated platform that will facilitate content design, creation, and monetisation, along with integrating existing Web2 social media presence.

The platform is expected to go live in the first half of 2023. The team is spread across the United States, India, Dubai, and Singapore.

PUSH Protocol launches on BNB Chain

Direct notifications and messaging in Web3 are powered by startups like Push Protocol, which wants to bring decentralised communications to the masses through familiar user experiences.

Launched by Harsh Rajat and Richa Joshi, Push Protocol announced this week it is launching on BNB Chain in a bid to expand its reach across new ecosystems.

This means BNB Chain—the smart contract chain with the largest number of daily active users—will allow its users to access Push for the first time. 

BNB Chain has over 230 million unique wallet addresses and over $5 billion in total value locked. It has over 1,300 active apps across gaming, NFT, metaverse, and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) sectors.

Chingari partners Aptos to expand India presence

Video-sharing app Chingari, specifically its GARI protocol, has partnered with Layer-1 blockchain Aptos to expand its India presence. Aptos has infused undisclosed equity funding into Chingari in order to do so.

To date, Chingari has just over 2.5 million users on GARI. Its project is the second most popular on Solana in terms of holders.

With the Aptos partnership, Chingari plans to do roadshows, hackathons, and other physical events across India. 

GARI will also replicate its Solana products on Aptos, including Decentralised Applications (DApps), wallets, and other products with interoperable features. The plan, as per CEO Sumit Ghosh, is to onboard new users to Aptos directly from GARI. 

It will retain those users who have been on Solana while giving them a bridge via Wormhole.

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