Empowering rural India through creativity, the Itsy Bitsy way

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A visit to India leaves many awestruck, but this couple saw more than the country's beauty and decided to change what they did not like. Years back when the couple visited the country, they found a lot of talent which was wasted resulting in poverty and hardship. Harish and RashmiClosepet immediately decided to change this talent into useful resource.

Once they came back from Australia, they did not want to go the tech way.Hence, they started Itsy Bitsy, a creative spot for both the young and old. “We wanted to do something very different, very creative, which had a social impact and made everyone think beyond their boundaries,” explains HarishClosepet, Founder, ItsyBitsy. “We also had a concept of putting together a large group of people who are very ordinary but had intellect more than a MBA grad,” he adds.

The founders of Itsy Bitsy from the initial days focused on creating an ecosystem which provided employment to the rural population and to give the urban inhabitantsa creative thought to experiment with. “We started with a small group of 40 women in rural Bangalore.We thought we should take it to the rural places where there was more need for an employment,” says RashmiClosepet, Co-founder, ItsyBitsy.

The company witnessed a lot of support from both their customers and their employees. The women working at Itsy Bisty, for years now, have trust and faith in the organisation and say the company has changed their lives. “It was difficult to live a life, there were lot of family problems as we used to depend on our husbands, but after being employed at Itsy Bitsy I could educate my children and am living a happy life,”says Ambika who works at Itsy Bitsy.

The company is looking at expanding nationally, while adding a new perspective into the business world, by not only looking at profits but truly repaying the society for what it has received.

Video Credits:

Camera person: Rukmangada Raja

Editor: Anand