Fabulous Workplace: Myntra office - the fashion high street of India

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On average, today's office goers spend atleast 8-9 hours everyday at their workplace. In many ways, the workplace becomes more important than even our home. We spend more waking hours at work and these are the most productive hours of our day. This makes it imperative for us to work in surroundings that enhance our emotional and mental state to bring out the best in us. We recently visited the Myntra headquarters in Bangalore and discovered what the office of a leading online fashion destination would look like. Not surprisingly,there's a sense of fashion on every wall and every corner.

We caught up with Srinivas Reddy the Vice President Real - Estate and Workplace at Myntra to find out about the brief he had before designing such an offbeat work destination.

But here the brief was pretty simple, it needs to just speak fashion, it needs to be very relevant to everyone including our employees so they could get inspired on a day to day basis, for our visitors to know that we get fashion.

Each floor of the office is inspired either by a high street or an iconic fashion magazine. Every corner has a story to tell and has a bohemian feel to it. It is easy to get lost in the glitz and glamour of the place and feel like one is on the catwalk. As if this wasn't incentive enough, Myntra also believes in providing the best of work culture and transparency. Looking good goes hand in hand with being fit,and the company has one of the largest spaces for indoor games,and a very chic gym. Here's what Co-founder Ashutosh Lawania had to say:

Fundamentally I strongly believe if a person is excited about overall Myntra vision and we are giving great environment to perform and learning for that person and at the same time giving good growth to that person I think people would stay and contribute more.

Watch the video to get a sneak peak at this Fabulous workplace.

 Video Credits:

Camera Person: Rukmangada Raja

Video Editor: Anjali Achal

Production Assistant: Vincent Arthur