With nine investments last year, tech incubator Investopad launches its third centrein Bengaluru

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An unprecedented growth of startups have resulted into plenty of tech and seed fund incubators across major cities in India; however, very few managed to assist startups in crucial aspects, including design, digital marketing, and recruitment, besides capital. Cutting through the crowd of incubators, Delhi-based Investopad is holding hand of infant startups in aforementioned aspects.

Investopad aims to invest in passionate entrepreneurs who are determined to build tech that solves pain-points of masses. After making nine investments in 2015, the company plans to make around 15 investments every year at the early stage in small teams focussed primarily on technology product innovations.

Founded by Rohan and Arjun Malhotra in 2014, Investopad had recently ventured into Bengaluru. “With our last three investments being Bengaluru-based teams, we're seeing the highest density of product innovations come from the area. After the experience of setting up our last incubator outside IIT Delhi, it really is a major key for us to be located next to the best talent pool,” says Arjun, Co-founder of Investopad.

Besides Bengaluru, Investopad is presently operating out of Delhi and Gurgaon. Currently, the platform claims to have infrastructure to house approximately 50 startups and over 100 startups graduated from these facilities in the last year.

“Couple of Investopad's portfolio companies started from Delhi (NCR), but eventually had to move to Bengaluru for the sake of product talent. While Delhi has complementing atmosphere for commerce and logistics startups, product-oriented ventures often struggle to attract best tech talent. This pain steered us to have base in country's tech capital,” adds Rohan.

Investopad's portfolio includes startups across several genres including peer-to-peer payment solution – MyPoolin; mobile internet solution – Mavin; SaaS-based platform for F&B sector – Snaplion; Zenatix; Witworks; and others. The incubator typically invests in the range of Rs 15 to 25 lakh.

Over the last three years, angel investment in India has picked up in a big way and triggered phenomenon of fear of missing out (FOMO). Consequently, it caused funding in several me-too startups across verticals like on-demand and foodtech among others. Rohan adds:

Every tom, dick and harry wants to be an angel investor and this is scary to some extent. People should know that it's probably one of the highest risk asset classes one possibly can invest in.

When it comes to expansion, the duo say that the company has no such plan in near future. Arjun says,

We want to establish deep engagement with startups in three cities, but going forward we may explore presence in Powai (Mumbai).

The duo advises startups to not lose focus and urges them to go after big pain-points. “Entrepreneurship is not easy and sexy as it appears from outside. It requires immense perseverance and one shouldn't fool himself/herself in the process,” signs off Rohan.