CEO Sameer Nigam on PhonePe's plans to dive deeper into India, way forward with Walmart
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Many of you tracking the Indian startup ecosystem will agree with me that Sameer Nigam is probably one of the finest entrepreneurs in our country today, with a deep product thinking mindset.

I have seen him at work from his Flipkart days, and now at PhonePe. He is always upping his own game and chasing impact in the true sense of the word. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the co-founder and chief executive of digital payments firm PhonePe has continually set his sights on bold and ambitious targets – the kind that has bolstered the fintech company’s position to the top of India’s cashless revolution.

In an open and honest conversation with Sameer, I found that he is more confident than ever today about PhonePe’s ability to seize the many opportunities not only in various continents, but diving deeper into the Indian market.


Sameer Nigam
Co-founder & CEO, PhonePe

Shradha Sharma
Founder & CEO, YourStory Media
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1 Sameer Nigam on how PhonePe's diversified core team add to its success
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2 Sameer Nigam on the critical role of data and tech in PhonePe operations
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3 PhonePe CEO outlines their differentiation strategy and competitive edge
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4 PhonePe CEO on the role of banks and FinTech startups working as distributors
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5 Sameer Nigam explains PhonePe's high level platform play
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6 Sameer Nigam narrates PhonePe's journey
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