These startups are creating sports areas for urban professionals

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Remembering those childhood days where we all have played some sports always makes us smile. Playing a sport not just made us physically fit, but has also taught us many life values and the importance of teamwork. Over the years, this passion for playing a sport has weakened due to our busy work life or the lack of space.

In metropolitan cities, high-rise buildings, speeding motorists, and busy people dashing through the streets have become a common sight. Thus, it is difficult to find a playground where kids and young adults can play a sport.

In order to meet the rising demand for space to play sports, many sports startups have sprung up. World class amenities and a huge range of sporting activities can be found at such places.

“In a city like Bengaluru, there is nothing much to do; people either go out to drink or watch a movie or shopping and eventually get bored. Once we started the Bull Ring, we have seen many come on a regular basis. Instead of doing a regular Thursday night drinking session, they devotedly do a Thursday night football session. Moreover, we have seen them much happier after a game,” says Nikhil Reddy, Founder of Bull Ring.

Children these days are stuck to their video consoles and mobile phones due to lack of playgrounds. This has affected their mortar functions, making them physically and mentally weak. Sporting venues such as Play, Bull Ring, and many others provide that space and help children have a healthy life.

Rashit Khazi, a football coach says, “People living in apartments don't usually have the facility to play a sport. Children are forced to stay at home after school, as there is no place for them to play. Sports venues provide that space for children to play and pick up a new talent”

With such facilities and environment offered by these startups, it's now up to us to actively play a sport and relive our old sporting days.