What are the technology trends that will shape the future? Padmasree Warrior tells us

27th Nov 2015
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Out to chase new adventures, woman in tech and till recently the CTO of Cisco Systems, Padmasree Warrior found a captive audience in a select gathering of entrepreneurs and investors in Mumbai.

Talking about her long association with technology, she said after the first wave of the R&D centres in the late 90s followed by the second wave of IT services, the Indian economy is now fertile ground for product-based innovation.

Padmasree also spoke about the change numerous industries are going through due to technology. She pointed towards the shift in business models, which reflect how consumption, service and even infrastructure patterns have changed. Also the way traditional verticals, like transport and manufacturing, have been perceived has changed and it is an interesting time for companies to explore the global market.

Speaking on Technology Trends Reshaping the Future, the theme for the evening, her inputs were not only insightful but also indicative of what the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem should look forward to.

These are the trends she sees for India:


While mobile continues to be a big opportunity, Padmasree urged entrepreneurs to think deeper and think of mobile solutions that can become sustainable platforms.


She firmly believes that the transport industry is going to see disruption. The rate at which automobiles are increasing on Indian roads, it is going to be a big problem. “It is call for action for both the entrepreneurs and big companies to be thinking about transportation in a different way. China is betting big on electric vehicles and it's India's opportunity to lose if we don't migrate quickly to that in the future,” she said.

There will not only be a shift from gas-fuelled to electric vehicles, but the vehicles will also have more software-enabled capabilities. Connected sectors like insurance and traffic prediction dynamics will also see changes.

Cloud computing

Compared to other economies, it is at a very nascent stage in India. The focus has to be on companies shifting from premise-based solutions to cloud-based solutions in the IT industry.

Data Analytics

As India has companies that are capturing data and is working on data and analytics, decision-making data platforms will present a big opportunity.


Security is not only an opportunity but also a big challenge for many companies. With the shift from premise-based solution to cloud-based and mobile solutions, security has to become a platform with API. Focus has to be on how we can create solutions that provide a secure way for companies to adapt to some of these new technologies, and this is a key opportunity.

Robotics and 3D Printing

There has already been disruption in the areas of robotics, 3D printing and mobile. The opportunity for India is to bring in the next level of innovation in these areas.


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Video editor: Anjali Achal