Up Close with UpGrad Cofounder & MD, Mayank Kumar
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UpGrad’s CoFounder and MD lives by this mantra: Never have a plan B if you want to succeed. Which is why, even as the #EdTech space gets increasingly crowded, Mayank Kumar and his team are determined to get to the top of their class. YourStory probes the #UpGrad Cofounder on how the company intends to do this - banking on its USP, future bets and long-term strategy.


Mayank Kumar
Co-Founder & MD, UpGrad
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1 Mayank Kumar on the THREE pillars of upGrad's differentiation strategy
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2 Mayank Kumar highlights the TWO focus areas of upGrad's corporate training program
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3 Mayank Kumar on upGrad's entrepreneurship and corporate training programs
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4 Mayank Kumar explains the rationale behind AcadView acquisition
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5 Mayank Kumar shares key learnings while building upGrad
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