How bad is the water crisis in Karnataka, and what can we do to tackle it?

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India is currently witnessing the worst drought in decades. Two consecutive years of inadequate rainfall, and we have a quarter of the country struggling for water. With over 330 million people living in the grip of massive water crisis, and 256 districts of the country declared drought hit, the situation continues to worsen.

Karnataka is one of the worst hit states. The shortage of rainfall last year in 12 districts of north Karnataka was at a record 55 per cent. This year, 136 of the total 176 talukas in the state have been declared drought hit. 13 of Karnataka's major reservoirs are running at just 225 thousand million cubic feet of water, which is 32 per cent less than last year.

We met Anu Sridharan from NextDrop, a social enterprise that aims to solve the problem of water crisis through the creative use of technology. Through Anu, we tried to understand how the situation in Bengaluru has changed over the past few years, the challenges that lay ahead of us, and what role citizens can play to help solve the situation.

Officials have forecast an above-average monsoon this year. However, with rains still far from sight and the problem of climate change haunting us like never before, the solution lies in taking the long-term approach of reviving our water tables, curbing wastage, and pushing governments for better planning and implementation. While urban water needs continue to grow, it is important for each and every one of us to become extremely judicious towards the one thing that made life on earth possible, before it's too late.

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