AWS M-Power Academy: Container Services on AWS - New Launches & Updates on Amazon ECS

About the session

The M-Power Academy is a video series featuring tailor-made, in depth and hands-on sessions by AWS experts on the AI/ML, Containers, Analytics and Database services offered by AWS. In this episode, watch Principal Solutions Architect for Containers Manikandan Chandrasekaran, and DNB Solutions Architects Jayesh Vartak and Ramprasad Gurumoorthy explain how containerized applications can be managed easily with Amazon ECS. They will also explore how applications such as Amazon ECS deployment Circuit Breaker and Amazon ECS Exec can help optimize Containers’ operations. 


Ramprasad Gurumoorthy
Solutions Architect, AISPL

Jayesh Vartak
Solutions Architect - Digital Native Businesses

Mani Chandrasekaran
Principal Solutions Architect - Containers