Art Meet to organise its first online art exhibition ART GROOVES from Feb 26 to 28

Founded by Poornima Dayal, Art Meet and ART GROOVES is aimed at bringing together artists from various walks of life, whether established or amateur.

Online forum Art Meet, which connects artists from various walks of life, is organising its first online art exhibition ART GROOVES between February 26 to 28, 2021, between 11 AM and 8 PM. The exhibition is scheduled to be held online through the web portal

Founder of Art Meet, Poornima Dayal says, “The idea behind ART GROOVES and Art meet is to bring to the fore incredible Indian artists, displaying their works, getting recognised even more, for their imaginative talents. India is very rich culturally and this truly speaks through art.”

Painting by Sujit Karmaker

Artists including Kumar Amlendu Pathak, Karishma Tomar, Poornima Dayal, Ambika Kapoor Vij, Sunil Baukhandi, Neysa and Nitzana Bhatia, Alisha Chhabria, Tanya Cabral, Arti, Ruma Sen, Sandhya Jathar, Sapna Anand, Sadiya Dhanani, Gargi Das, Samiran Sarkar, Sujit Karmaker, Priya Bhave, Rhea Shah, Gauri Monga and Poornima herself, will be showcasing their artwork for sale. 

Poornima has been a painter for more than three decades now. Her paintings have divine and holistic learnings. Having been introduced to a canvas and oil paints at the age of 13, Poornima says, “Most of my artworks are an attempt to make abstract depictions of the Divine form, places of worship and joyful festivals.”

The Mumbai-based artist enjoys playing and experimenting with varied textures, hues and styles, and abstract. Having said that, she also enjoys painting cityscapes, while exploring the use of mixed media and textures. 

Poornima Dayal, Founder of Art Meet and ART GROOVES

At the beginning of the COVID-19-led lockdown, Poornima came up with the idea of Art Meet. She started the online forum to bring together artists from various walks of life. “While some of them were already well-established, others were looking for a platform to showcase their paintings,” Poornima tells YS Weekender.

A couple of months into the lockdown, Art Meet became a monthly feature on Facebook Live with artists from across the country showcasing their artwork online, to thousands of viewers. “The vastness and variety were enthralling,” Poornima adds.

“The idea since inception was always to conduct an art exhibition at the end of the year. My friends and I, thus got together to organise this online art exhibition,” she adds. Behind the scenes of the exhibition, Hasrat Ali, Shweta Bhawsinghka, and Komal Vaidya have been helping Poornima. 

Tandav, a painting by Sunil Baukhandi

So far, Art Meet has brought together 30 artists on-board, of which 20 will be showcasing their artwork in the exhibition.

Speaking about the future plans, Poornima says that she plans to continue with the idea of Art Meet either online, or in person, once things normalise. 

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta