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Beauty and the best: How Dr Bharti Taneja embraced beauty with her venture Alps Beauty Clinic and Academy

Popularly known as the ‘Golden Lady’ of the beauty industry, Bharti Taneja dons many hats. She is a successful entrepreneur, a leader, a visionary, a veteran beauty expert, and a teacher. Her success story is a tale of grit, determination and perseverance

Beauty and the best: How Dr Bharti Taneja embraced beauty with her venture Alps Beauty Clinic and Academy

Saturday August 17, 2019,

5 min Read

Cosmetologist Bharti Taneja’s first love and passion has always been beauty. When she launched her business in the 80s, the beauty industry was not seen as a lucrative or respective profession. However, she was passionate about changing people’s perception of the profession.

To bring skilled talent to the beauty industry, she launched her institute called the Alps Academy, where she started offering advanced, science-based beauty knowledge to students. 


Bharti wants to bring skilled talent to the beauty industry

“I started the Alps Beauty Clinic to bring dermatologically advanced beauty treatments within the reach of Indian women and introduce them to the concept of a beauty clinic. It proved to be a game-changer and transformed the whole beauty industry,” says Bharti.

The beauty clinic is an amalgamation of skin science and technology. Alps Beauty Clinic offers both dermatologically advanced treatments and all-natural skin therapies. From skin, hair, nail treatments to anti-aging procedures - you will find everything under one roof at the Alps Beauty Clinic. Today, there are over 50 Alps Clinics across India.

Humble beginnings

Bharti comes from a middle-class family. She quit her job as a teacher to work as a beauty aesthetician. Though she is a science graduate in Food and Nutrition, her first calling was beauty, and she finally decided to start her own enterprise.

Her journey began with a one-room parlour and an investment of Rs 2,000.

As there was no affordable space available, Bharti converted her small room at her house in Vikaspuri (West Delhi) into a beauty parlour.

“I borrowed Rs. 2,000 from my mother-in-law. I changed the mirror of my room, decorated a trunk to use it as a table and also found one small chair. And that’s how I started my parlour all by myself. I offered discounts to my first few customers and the startup got a great response. In less than a month, I had employed my first staff member,” she says.


Bharti's beauty clinics are very popular

There was no looking back since then, but it wasn’t a smooth ride either. Bharti suffered from arthritis after the delivery of her first child which brought her to knees. However, that didn’t stop her from working. “I was on medication and needed therapy. But I used a revolving chair and worked with my clients even in pain,” she says.

As soon as her business expanded, her husband joined her as a partner. With her strong background in science, she ventured into cosmetic clinics too. “At that time there were limited career options in beauty. You could either run beauty parlours or become a professional dermatologist. So, I started my clinics as a one-stop destination for skin-related issues.”

It has now been 30 years since Bharti started her business from her room.

Today she travels across the world to get new ideas and products. She has been credited with bringing advanced technology to India like 24 carat gold facial, laser treatment, computerised hairstyling and permanent nail culture for enhancing beauty.

Bharti plans to open new centres in India, taking the overall count to 100 and also dabble in international markets eventually. Delving into the current scenario of technological advancement, she tells us the importance of retaining organic ethos of the products. She says, “Organic products are in demand once again. I think technology and herbal treatments can go together very well.”


Natural and organic beauty products are in great demand now

She further adds that Ayurveda, which is a science that is thousands of years old, offers remedies that have no side-effects.

“The best thing about home remedies is that you do not have to hunt for the formulae. You can make your own beauty concoctions in the comfort of your home with kitchen ingredients.” 

Ageless beauty

Sharing some healthy habits and tips, Bharti insists that importance should be given to internal health as well. 

“Clean your face before going to bed, and apply a good nourishing cream according to your age. Scrub your face for 10 seconds daily as it wipes out all the dirt from your face. Also drink a lot of water. Dip your feet in lukewarm salt water for 10 minutes daily as it's a great stress-buster. Don't forget your neck while doing makeup.”  

Her own beauty regime is similar. It is the secret behind her ageless beauty.

“I apply collagen cream during the day and AHA during the night. I scrub my face daily as it helps my skin revitalise. I mix a little aromatherapy oil in my scrub because as you age your skin tends to become dry. It is important to keep your skin hydrated and well-nourished.”


A good cleanser and night cream are vital in a beauty regimen

She says that beauty today is seen as one of the most high-paying and sought-after professions.

“Today, my two daughters Gunjan Gaur Taneja (India's top permanent makeup expert and salon management Guru) and Ishika Taneja (Miss India Tourism) are redefining the business of beauty.”

Beauty myths

Beauty is often considered to be makeup nowadays. According to Bharti, one’s internal health is as important as external beauty. “If you feel happy, you look happy. It is important to eat well, drink plenty of water, sleep for eight hours, and exercise in order to keep your skin healthy.” 

Another myth is regarding fair skin. It is often believed that facials can make one fair. 

“Nothing revitalises and refreshes your skin like a good facial. The visible glow and bright skin are just a bonus benefits of a good facial. But to expect fair skin is a bit far-fetched. Facials help remove the dead skin cells and boost circulation as well as the flow of oxygen to your skin.”

She strongly believes that fairness is not important. “Your attitude towards life makes all the difference to looking good.”