A salute to mum and dad: Here’s how entrepreneurs raise a toast to their families on Parents' Day

Parents' Day falls on July 26 and every year, people take the time to celebrate the day with their parents with special gestures of love and affection. Here’s what some well-known entrepreneurs in the country remember most about their parents…

A salute to mum and dad: Here’s how entrepreneurs raise a toast to their families on Parents' Day

Sunday July 26, 2020,

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Most of us have heard of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but we may not have heard of the day that celebrates both your parents. Celebrated every year on July 26, Parents' Day is that wonderful holiday that attempts to pay a tribute to all parents and parenthood.

Every country marks Parents' Day in different ways, with private and public celebrations. The common denominator is the special gifting that is part of the occasion, which could include flowers, chocolates, cards or a small, thoughtful present. Going out for together or spending time with your parents on this special day and sharing a delicious meal with them is also a part of the celebrations.


People raise a toast to their mothers and fathers on Parents' Day (Pic credit: Shutterstock)

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most wishes for your parents on this special day will have to be conveyed online if your parents are not living with you or if you are practising social distancing. However, all these constraints cannot stop us from remembering these special people who have enriched and moulded our lives in so many ways.

On Parents' Day, YSWeekender brings you a compilation of the best advice that founders and entrepreneurs have received from their parents and some memories too. Here’s what they have to say…

Archana Khosla Burman, Co-Founder, Vertices Partners

'The journey is a marathon, not a sprint'

Parents: Col R M Khosla and Poonam Khosla

Archana Khosla

Archana Khosla and her parents (right)

Vertices Partners is a law firm and is one of the well-known first-generation law firms in the country with a domestic and global client base. Their key specialisation areas include domains like Private Equity, Venture Capital and Seed and Angel Capital, Joint Ventures and more.

Best advice from parents:

“Pause during the pursuit of your career to reflect on the joys and happiness in your life. Focus on the good things. Practise gratitude!

While pursuing the larger goals in life, if we start ignoring the little moments of love, gratitude, affection and milestones, no matter how insignificant these appear to be, the journey will not turn out to be a fulfilling one. After all, the journey is a marathon and not a sprint.

Best memory:

This advice coupled with my parents’ ever-present warmth, affection and attention, whenever I needed it and especially when I think I didn’t, is the most precious life lesson I have imbibed from my parents and has made me the eternal optimist that I am.

My father’s vivaciousness and my mother’s altruistic nature and warmth have given me an in-built reservoir of emotional endurance to take on the challenges of life. And they did better than just give me advice. They set an example for me.

Their advice has armed me with a mental cushion to face all the challenges in my life, including my entrepreneurial journey.

Naiyya Saggi, Founder, BabyChakra

'The power of change and happiness lies within you'

Parents: Neera Saggi, Capt M M Saggi 


Naiyya Saggi and her parents (right)

BabyChakra is one of India's best-known platforms for parents and is changing the way Indian families raise their children. It is one of India’s fastest growing and largest platforms for pregnancy and childcare.

Best advice from parents:

When the going gets tough, take each day at a time. Twenty-four hours is a long time for things to change and to become better. And eventually to also remember that the power of change and happiness lies within you. So, literally stepping back from the situation sometimes helps to understand how best it can be solved. 

 Shilpi Singh, Founder, Studio 4 and The Unhotel Co.

'Trust and the universe will trust you'

Parent: Asha Singh

Shilpi Singh

Shilpi Singh and her mother (left)

Studio4 is a brand influence, content creation, and communication management consultancy. The Unhotel Co is an experiential travel company that helps people explore the world through culture, history, nature and adventure.

Best advice from parent:

Believe in love and the world will share love with you. Trust and the universe will trust you.

Best memory:

My mother always looks for goodness in people and believes in the magic of sharing. This element of humanity has made her life simple and uncomplicated. The decision to start a homestay 10 years ago came from an inner belief of sharing and trusting. This is truly the fodder of an infinite mind-set.

Supriya Paul, Co-Founder, Josh Talks

'Learn to be irreplaceable'

Parents: Sandeep Paul and Preeti Paul

Supriya Paul

Supriya Paul with her parents

Josh Talks is an ecosystem of vernacular products and services that enables the youth to do more and be more. Josh gives the youth access to the right role models, offers comprehensive career information and equips them with the right skills to do well in life. 

Best advice from parents:

There is no place for mediocrity in this world.

Best memory:

My father explained that no matter what I choose to do in life, if I wasn't the best person to do it then I would be replaced. After hearing those words, my life's mission was to become irreplaceable. As a young entrepreneur, his words have become even more valuable for me. Every time I am working on something new, whether it is a product idea, a business plan or an investors meeting, I give it 100% of my time and attention so that it is never mediocre.

Vineeta Singh, CEO & Co-founder, SUGAR Cosmetics

'Have an irrational passion'

Parent: Dr Tej Pal Singh

Vineeta Singh

Vineeta Singh with her father (left)

SUGAR Cosmetics, a cult-favourite makeup and beauty brand amongst millennials and is one of the premium beauty brands in India. Crafted in state-of-the-art facilities across Germany, Italy, India, USA and Korea, the brand ships its best-selling products across the world.

Best advice from parent:

Have an irrational passion

Best memory:

Dad was refusing to let us celebrate his 70th birthday last year. He insisted on waiting another couple of months and celebrating when he reached the highest count of protein structures discovered. It's a goal he has worked towards for more than 30 years in his lab at AIIMS, which is now named after him.

As a kid, I'd see him go back to his lab after dinner and often work through the night. His retirement age went by and no one flinched about him not slowing down. He was on a mission - to keep discovering and adding new protein structures to the global Protein Data Bank to enable drugs that cure critical diseases.

So, when he finally reached his goal earlier this year with 600+ protein structures to his name, I asked him how he felt about accomplishing a goal he has worked on for 30 years. He said that he felt he had it in him to do many more of them while he's still healthy and that he's actually as excited about the discoveries as he was on Day 1.

While I was growing up, I could never understand my dad's “irrational passion”. I'd argue with him all the time and vowed to not be a scientist or a doctor. And then at 23, I turned down that “1 crore” job offer to start building my own business.

After 13 years of entrepreneurship, I still don't “earn” as much, but even if I did, it wouldn't matter. All I want to do is keep on building. So, yes, I get it now. “Irrational passion” must be genetic and that's what keeps me going too.