This eco-friendly technical wear brand will keep you cosy on all your adventures

Mumbai-based Kosha is a women-led technical wear brand that makes cold weather clothing by adopting the latest technologies and eco-friendly practices.

This eco-friendly technical wear brand will keep you cosy on all your adventures

Monday December 20, 2021,

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‘Tis the season to cosy up in warm knitwear with a hot cuppa, and Mumbai-based eco-friendly technical wear brand Kosha is here to help.

Earlier known as Prrem’s, the brand reinvented itself in 2017, under Director and CEO Yuktie Jhangiani Verma, to create winter-wear that is based on sustainable practices.

“I grew up in a traditional retailer family and received the baton of the legacy of three generations helming this brand. However, I was aware of the needs of the new-age, modern-day traveller with an appetite for adventure, and wanted to bridge this gap by developing layers for different weather zones.

“Today, Kosha offers a variety of products ranging from socks and gloves to thermals, pullovers, jackets and technical wear for sub-zero climate, mountaineering, skiing, and more sports and activities, in all sizes. Kosha offers something for everyone because fashion comes in all shapes and sizes,” Yuktie says.

The story


Kosha Director and CEO Yuktie Jhangiani Verma says the winter wear in India lacks innovation since the primary market is seasonal.

Following her family’s legacy, Yuktie trained in business with a finance degree, followed by the completion of her CA degree. She joined Prrem’s with the idea of transitioning it into a global brand. Along with her sister Dipti, she decided to rebrand and reestablish Prrem’s into a specialised travel wear brand.

Being a certified mountaineer from the Himalayan Institute of Mountaineering, she credits her knowledge of climbing for the many business lessons she has learnt, one of which is to never give up.

Kosha has two stores in Mumbai; they ship globally from their online store and are also available on Amazon and Myntra.

Manufacturing is outsourced to their long-term partners in textile making.

“As a women-led business, we pride ourselves on providing opportunities to women - 80 percent of our team is female,” Yuktie shares.

Kosha is aimed at frequent travellers – the kind who appreciate temperature-regulating base layers, and woollen socks that keep one warm without having to change the shoe size.

Yuktie points out that winter wear in India lacks innovation since the primary market is seasonal. Hence, it was a sound business decision to target other categories of customers, such as students, tourists looking for quality purchases for long-term travel and/or people relocating to colder countries.

“As a legacy brand, we cater to different needs of customers. This reflects in our R&D where we look at the smallest details to make a difference. We use organic cotton, merino wool, and bamboo to create featherlight clothing that can keep you warm at temperatures as low as -20 degrees.

“All products are designed with utility and usability in mind, which is why we have reversible snow jackets for skiing, water-resistant parkas and puffer jackets for mountaineering, touch-enabled gloves for operating phones and cameras and more. Our products provide technical support to professional mountaineers, trekkers, and adventure seekers in their tough journeys,” she explains.

Kosha manufactures men’s sweaters, women’s winter accessories, bamboo sweaters, thermals, technical socks, snowproof pants, waterproof jackets, touch-enabled gloves, beanies, and mufflers, among other products. Their products have been tested in over 60 countries.

“Demand for travel wear plummeted with COVID-induced lockdowns and the new stay-at-home lifestyle. We had already invested in R&D into a more exercise-friendly, athleisure collection that can be everyone’s choice on the go. We wanted to create a range of products that covered a wide range of temperatures and yet was breathable. This range consists of everyday all-weather 100 percent organic cotton basics, made for those looking for multifunctional clothing in a minimal aesthetic. One can wear it to lounge in, work out, travel, or for grocery runs. Hence, we call it the ‘On the Go’ collection,” Yuktie says, revealing their latest offering.

Kosha’s On the Go collection works well for performance sports as well, as it is equipped with a number of technical features. All products in this collection come with temperature regulation, odour control, and are made lightweight, so they appeal to sport-loving, fit and adventurous users.

Yuktie says, “Kosha is one of very few brands making clothing for a wide age range - from kids to adults. We believe travellers come in all shapes and sizes and so that should not be a barrier for them to find the right winter wear. We have introduced stylish colours in our products such as the Supima Cotton Pullovers and accessories.”


Kosha offers a variety of products ranging from socks and gloves to thermals, pullovers, jackets and technical wear for sub-zero climate, mountaineering, skiing, and more sports and activities.

The growth

According to, the winterwear market in India was pegged at $2.7 billion in 2018, accounting for five percent of the total Indian apparel market. It is considered to be one of the fastest evolving segments in the fashion industry, which bodes well for the future success of Kosha.

The team raised an undisclosed amount in its seed round from Tres Monos Capital and Narendra Hiranandani, Founder of Enhira Software in October 2019. Ever since, they have reinvested their profits back into the business for scaling operations and expanding their product range.

When asked what sets them apart from their competitors, Yuktie says they are one of the first Indian brands offering eco-friendly technical all-weather wear, ranging from kids wear to plus size.

“We believe in immersive yet empathetic travel. Kosha is a pro-nature brand that caters to the conscious traveller. We have introduced sustainable packaging for both in-store and ecommerce purchases and more eco-friendly initiatives in our materials and processes. This is why we stand apart from others.”

With international borders opening up for Indians, Kosha’s team is now working to fill product gaps for the 2022 and 2023 collections. Their emphasis will be on adopting technologies that empower and help them scale.


Going digital paved the way for their growth and they continue to invest in working closely with selective creators for content from the ground. “Our customers too love it when we take their experiences and memories up on social media!” Yuktie says.

Expansion into physical stores was halted with the pandemic, but the team is hopeful of recovery and plans to open new stores in other cities in India by FY25.

Yuktie signs off with, “Every time a collection is rolled out to our stores, I feel a sense of deep satisfaction in being able to address a gap that most big brands don’t. Our products have always received great feedback, and our legacy was not built in a day. Perhaps the biggest reward, however, was when Kosha’s clothing was worn by the Indian Air Force on their expedition to Mt. Vinson in Antarctica - a huge win for us as a technical winterwear brand!”

Edited by Teja Lele