Casual chic: WFH fashion in the times of the pandemic

From active loungewear, bermuda shorts, pyjamas and scarves, these garments are trending during times of social distancing and working from home.

The lifestyle shift that is underway due to the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of fashion. People have found many ways of adjusting to the new normal and have created chic style trends to make working from home a seamless, comfortable and productive experience. The outfits that we used to wear in the past have made it to the back of our closets.

A businessman is seen working from home wearing a suit and tie above his desk and pyjamas below

Our tight denim jeans, soft suits, casual shirts, formal dresses, and pencil skirts and high heels coupled with an array of watches and accessories are now hibernating in our wardrobes, as we have discovered the beauty of comfort clothing during these unprecedented times.

YS Weekender brings you the new styles that are currently trending as a result of people being indoors due to the pandemic…

Pyjama party

Men, women and fashionistas out there are opting for comfort throughout the day and are choosing convenience and ease over style.

Men are lounging around in faded or well-worn T-shirts and track pants, while women are opting for Patiala pants, sleeveless kurtas, and comfortable cotton or silk pyjamas.

loungewear and pajamas are making a comeback.

Many people throw on a formal shirt over their daytime pyjamas during their work calls and company meetups over Skype and other video calling platforms.

The wonderful thing about pyjamas is that they can be worn with absolutely anything when you are at home, as there is no fashion police to judge you or comment on what you are wearing.

The pyjama is the trendiest garment during these times of social distancing. It’s also the most comfortable 9-5 look for most women.

Bermuda breeze

We might not be able to lounge about on the beach or travel to our favourite cities, but Bermuda shorts are back in style for most men as they are easy to wear.

Bermudas can be teamed with almost any shirt and they come in a number of patterns, fabrics, and styles.

Bermuda shorts are easy, breezy and comfortable to step out in

You can also step out to go for a walk to your local grocery store in them or sit peacefully at your desk on work calls in a pair of Bermudas.

Keeping it active

Most fitness freaks are staying home and working in their gym gear as dry-fit clothing, nylons, and waterproof clothes are loose and comfortable enough to wear all day.

Track pants, leggings, activewear, and trainers are the new luxury loungewear.

Not only are these garments easy to wash and wear every day, but they are also convenient, as you can work on emails or reports and take calls in them, and then head for your evening walk or to your home gym after a long and stressful day.

workout enthusiasts and gym freaks are working from home in their active wear.

Activewear also keeps you in a positive frame of mind, as you often associate these clothes with exercise. They can keep you from procrastinating, feeling lethargic and wanting to just submit to a mid-afternoon nap in the middle of a working day.

The corporate look

Workaholics and corporate leaders who must step into their offices for a brief while every day, or who are not working from home are still wearing formals to work.

They might not wear an entire three-piece suit or a silk saree to work, but they are definitely opting for comfortable blazers, overcoats, jackets, and cotton kurtas that are stylish and project a professional demeanour.

Some working professionals opt for the corporate look during company meetings

Since large companies are still opting for work from home routines until an adequate vaccine is developed, office wear is a top choice for many employees.

Office wear is worn for webinars, online work events, meetups, and company bonding activities.

Scarf style

Scarves, shawls, and dupattas are excellent at camouflaging the shirt you are wearing underneath while attending conferences, online classes, or other corporate events.

Not only are they colourful and come in plenty of intriguing designs with engaging patterns, but they are also the first thing that will attract attention at a meeting.

Scarves and shawls are excellent when it comes to covering up the clothing you are wearing underneath.

You can keep wearing the same scarf or shawl every day, and it will be very hard to notice that you are lounging about in your nightclothes.

Just make sure to brush your hair, wear some earrings or striking accessories and use neutral makeup.

Sweater weather

Cardigans, university sweatshirts, and old sweaters are also making a comeback.

Due to the monsoon and rainy weather and due to the fact that the temperature drops during the evenings, some people like to wear sweaters and jackets to keep warm.

During the monsoon season, soft woollen sweaters and cardigans are keeping weather sensitive skin snug and warm.

They are opting for comfortable cottons, linen pants, and woollen clothing.

Also, with the coronavirus pandemic rampant in many cities, people are taking extra precaution to bundle up and keep their body temperatures stable so that they do not get a cold or catch the virus. 

Mask matters

It goes without saying that we need to continue wearing a face mask and PPE every time we step out of our homes.

However, people are making a fashion statement with their masks too! They are choosing trendy patterns and funky designs to go with their outfits.

Face masks are now trending in various styles to match outfits, and are a must wear during the ongoing pandemic

These trendy face masks stand out from the standard light blue and yellow masks that we are accustomed to seeing around us.

While some women love animal themes and nature prints on their masks, others are going for multi-coloured, striped or patchwork quilt prints. Fitness freaks are opting for masks from their favourite sporting brands.

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Edited by Asha Chowdary