A stay-at-home guide: Here’s how to manage your interiors to soothe mind and body

As the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic continues, here is how to redecorate your house to conform to the new circumstances

A stay-at-home guide: Here’s how to manage your interiors to soothe mind and body

Monday May 18, 2020,

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The phrase ‘home is where the heart is’ has never before been so relevant. Previously a space solely for relaxation and one we would crave for after a hard day’s work, the home is now a workspace, school and recreation-centre, all combined into a single space.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, this new WFH era makes it just as important to ensure that our 24-hour abode is contributing to our physical and mental well-being.

Here are a few DIY tips to help make this long #StayAtHome a good one for body, mind and soul.

Curate a motivating workspace


A beautiful workplace can lift the spirits

Make your mundane workstation a little inspirational and fun! Minimise any work-related blues by using the walls to create a compact yet fun motivation board by pinning your favorite Polaroids and motivational quotes onto a bulletin board.

Known to help increase productivity, placing a plant or a succulent close to your workspace will also add some color and purify the indoor air. Add a Rubik’s cube or a fun puzzle for when you take those much-needed breaks in the middle.

Placing your desk close to a window enhances creativity, energy and productivity. Make sure you sit opposite the source of light, not under it, to avoid any eyestrain.

Keep ergonomics in mind as you get comfy. Add some books underneath your laptop if your table is too low, to prevent hunching. If your makeshift desk is too high, use cushions to support your lumbar and pad the bottom of the chair.

To avoid clutter at your workstation, take an old rag t-shirt and stitch it from 3 sides and hang it up on the side of your desk or bookshelf as a file holder. Curate your own grungy organiser with cut up denim pockets pinned to the bulletin board.

Live it up in the ‘leisure spot’!


Create a corner in your house only for leisure

Work-life balance can be a difficult task when you constantly work from home. Therefore, after a bustling day at work and in the kitchen, one must have a room or corner, solely for leisure and relaxation.

A pleasant aroma is one of the quickest routes to relaxation and a sense of well-being. Burning your favorite scented candles or try running an essential oil diffuser to fill the room with your own signature scent blend adds a spa-like quality to any room. Curate a picturesque setting with some soft lights and soothing music. Decorate the curtain rod with climbers and dainty fairy lights!

Alternatively, place votive candles across the room to enhance the setup! Bring out the earthy elements like macramé wall hangers, wicker baskets, earthenware, marble lamps, et al to help you stay connected with outdoors. Keep some novels, a personal diary or some board games handy for some quality time with yourself or your loved ones.

Tweak your bedroom for a good night’s sleep


Use soft colours in the bedroom to stay calm

Feeling irritable and angry all day? Lack of good sleep could be a factor. Getting those full eight hours helps with reducing anxiety and increasing productivity.

For a calming bedroom setup, opt for soft and dim light fixtures such as a minimalist floor or table lamp with a fabric shade on it or modish chandeliers with adjustable tonal settings. Aromatic candles like chamomile and lavender are great to help you get calm.

Opt for soft cotton linen in cool tones such as emerald and light purple or neutrals as they bring tranquility to the space. No matter the material or size of your mattress, remember to rotate the mattress 180 degrees every two months to ensure even wear.

Trying to fall asleep with clutter around you can be distracting, making it hard to get some shut-eye. Use that spare key holder to help you organise and sort out your daily things. Alternatively, if you have too many knickknacks, add some interesting elements to the room by using extra laundry buckets/bins and painting them in different colours to hold your books, clothes, shoes.

Recipe for a better kitchen


Keep your kitchen free of mess and clutter

Been avoiding that messy kitchen? Instead, a few simple tips can help you whip up meals faster and with a lot more ease. Keep the appliances, jars and utensils in the cabinet and not on the counter-top, when not needed.

If you have some extra glass jars, use them to store your little tidbits like bottle caps and spices. If you have some window-space, try growing climbers or minimum-care plants like chilies and coriander for a visual interesting setup.

With a few additions, a healthy home atmosphere can be your biggest support system to get through these stressful times. Get started with these tips and make sure your stay at home is a peaceful and productive one.

Edited by Asha Chowdary

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