How woman gamer Magsplay is navigating the world of gaming and content with her unique approach

In a recent conversation with YourStory’s Influencers Inc, Mansi Gupta aka Magsplay talks about her journey as a gaming content creator and discusses plans for the future.

The gaming and gamer influencer spaces are quite saturated with male players. But one female gamer is bringing a breath of fresh air to the gaming content space in India with her fresh ideas.

With a whopping 624,000 subscribers on YouTube and 117,000 followers on Instagram, Mansi Gupta, who is popularly known as Magsplay, is winning people’s hearts in the gaming content world.

Speaking about her journey in a conversation with Influencer Inc by YourStory, Mansi says that she has been playing games with her elder brother since childhood. During the lockdown, she started consuming a lot of content on YouTube and that’s when she noticed that there weren’t many female gaming content creators in India.

“I was continuously playing a lot of games so I thought why not start a YouTube channel and showcase my journey to the entire country,” she says.


Mansi shares that right from that beginning, she planned to focus more on quality than quantity. She didn’t want to post content every day. Even though she started posting one video a week, she used to make sure that it was perfect. Initially, her channel did not receive a lot of traction in terms of views and subscribers. The turning point came in January 2021 when some of her videos blew up.

She shares that the key to going viral on the internet is to bring a unique touch to one’s content and consistently put out content. “Anything that’s unique – could be your way of commentary or editing style or storyline or anything new to the viewers – is something that can help you go viral very soon,” she says.

In terms of the content planning process, Mansi says that she creates a mixture of videos on her channels. She makes a list of videos to make at the beginning of the month and makes sure that one or two videos are based on high effort content. She then goes on to write the storyline and shoot videos – taking a generous amount of time for editing the videos.

Mansi shares that influencer marketing has grown rapidly in the past two years. She has worked with influencer marketing companies and is well acquainted with the nitty-gritty of the space. She believes that branding and marketing are still growing in the gaming space and gaming will become a huge part of influencer marketing.

Going forward, Mansi plans to focus more on creating high effort entertainment content. She also aims to start her own business via her YouTube channel in the future.

Edited by Kanishk Singh


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