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Mallika Sarabhai Unplugged

Friday March 27, 2009 , 4 min Read

Mallika Sarabhai shares her life as she unfolds her success story and struggles in a candid chat

Unstoppable is the word most of us may use to describe Mallika

Sarabhai, the actress, dancer, choreographer and writer. From being a great stepping stone in culture and Indian art to sailing through strongly on the election ground, she is the perfect example of ‘been there, done that.’ From being a strong voice against communalism and social inequalities as Gujarat saw itself burnt to being the pioneer in dance, Mallika has honed many roles and emerged as a true winner. Apart from her on and off advances in every field for justice, Mallika will be seen contesting the Lok Sabha elections 2009 against Advani.

She says with utmost confidence, “Most of people including me, for so long have urged clean people to go into politics. I got fed up of urging others. So many people and groups had been telling me to take a plunge into it. So here I am. I speak for people who stand for ethics.”

Coming from a family that has the greats of Vikram Sarabhai and Mrinalini Sarabahi, Mallika has fought sea battles in terms of standing up for her own rights and values. She stands up for things she believes in. She adds, “I have been fighting against injustice and discrimination from my childhood. My family has always taught me that by practically doing it. I always thought it as my duty, coming from a family privileged by education and the kind of exposure I had to people from the world of art, science and world affairs.” And it has been a long road of struggle for this brave woman, “Oh yes. There has been a time when there was no constituency in my home state that backed me. They were too terrified of the repercussion and reprisals to stand up for what was right. Like any other woman, I too was afraid. I was so afraid that I had to go underground for months.

My family, my children could have been attacked, our institution burnt down. In fact we lost every last rupee of corporate sponsorship overnight -- and three years down the line not a rupee is back – that is how afraid people are even today.But life doesn’t come easy always and I am glad to have fought my own battles.” Mallika also is a ‘proud feminist’, being produced, ‘Shakti’ and ‘Sita’s daughters’. She affirms, “I have always been a feminist. In fact, I was born as one. For me a feminist is somebody who fights for the rights and equal opportunities for women and everybody else around. It’s just that 55 per cent of the people who are exploited happen to be women. And I cannot not do anything about it.” With an honor that lights up her face, Mallika is as much proud of her family as they are. “ Amma is proud of me and I am honored to be born in this family not for the wealth but because of the education, values, knowledge, ethics and many more intangible things that my family has given me,” she adds On a closing note, the dancer goes on to add her inspirations and love for live! “ I am in love with my life. I love everything I do. Both my children, with whom I share an extraordinary relationship, know that they come first. Absolutely! My role model and inspiration has been my mother, Amma, throughout thick and thin.” With a hope that things would get better and world would be a better place to live in, the rising star of Gujarat continues her journey for innumerable causes.