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Wednesday May 06, 2009,

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LeadCap is a unique leadership movement that brings together the most influential thought as well as practicing leaders from across the world with a vision to build India as a nation of leaders. The foundation of LeadCap is a research that was done by its founder Sangeeth Varghese at the London School of Economics. This research broke several myths about leadership and leaders, the primary one being leaders are extraordinary individuals. Captured in the bestseller “Decide to Lead: Nine decisions that can make you true a leader” revealed that great leaders,

many of whom who have changed fortunes of nations, did not possess anything that made them born leaders – no legacies, no pedigree and no extraordinary attributes. At some point of time all great leaders, be it Mahathma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or George Washington, were all ordinary individuals. However, they took a decision to wriggle out of their comfort zones, to make a difference to the lives of millions of people around. LeadCap is built on this belief that leadership is a decision, and hence anyone who is bold enough to take that decision could transform himself to a leader. The movement believes that if we can encourage more Indians to take this decision, then many of these transformed individuals, with their new found potential would drive those things, that could transform our nation to another level.

LeadLab is one of the innovative programmes undertaken by LeadCap with a mandate of creating a million empowered leaders in the next five years. This is conceived as an innovative online interactive session, conducted every Saturday morning at 10am for about an hour or so, where a pertinent topic on leadership is dealt with threadbare by an expert. This programme is unique in the sense it does not look at leadership as a position that you adorn in the society or office, nor does it look at it as a set of skills like communication or negotiation. It looks at leadership as a rational decision that any individual can take, and hence focuses on enabling individuals towards taking this decision. Hence the topics dealt with give a peek in to the human nature, psychology and why we do certain things and avoid others. For example the topic dealt with about a couple of weeks back talked about the role of fear and how people can use the power of positive fear to do extraordinary feats, rather than run away from it.

The upcoming sessions would be conducted by globally established leadership thinkers like Kwai Yu, Director of Wilsen Given Leadership, Ian Berry, President at National Speakers Association of Australia, Jane Chin, PhD, Chairman, Healthcare Advisory Board etc. The sessions are currently delivered free of cost, with a strong social conscience to give a chance to more individuals to discover their potential and contribute towards nation building. At the next level a few of the high potential participants would be selected out to be moulded in to Primary Leads of the programme, who would then volunteer to take charge of greater leadership responsibilities. Interestingly, the programme is being attended by people from diverse cross sections like the industry, social workers, academia from various countries like the US, Europe and Middle East, though it was initially conceived just for India.

Rajah Raghuraman, Lead Engineer from a large multinational firm in Bangalore says after having attended the programme, “In these times of slow down, this is exactly what people want. A dose a great enthusiasm that they can go through the rest of the week fully inspired. I am going to invite all my friends from the US and Indian software industry for this. That is the best thing that I can ever do.”

And here is what Milli Das, Manager HR, Ahmedabad had to say, “I want to make a difference to the society. I surely believe India will be the best nation in all terms, if all of us have the courage to stand up and take the lead. I am committed to taking the lead and helping others lead”

LeadLab sessions are conducted on every Saturday 10 to 11am. To attend log on to www.leadcap.org, or send a mail to [email protected] or call 9886678960.

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