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Jatin Chaudhary,Hiren Panchasara, Founders, Point10 Solutions

Thursday June 04, 2009 , 5 min Read

Extending a helping hand

He shed all his inhibitions and set out to achieve his goal – facilitating students. A graduate of Nirma Institute of Technology, Jatin Chaudhary decided to setup Point10 Solutions when he saw thousands of students struggle even to acquire basic educational materials. Based in Ahmedabad, the company is presently being run by Chaudhary and his partner Hiren Panchasara, but is already on its way to expand with two flagship ventures —Books10.Org and Projects10.Org.

Providing students with whatever books they are in urgent need of will be Books10.Org, a highly intelligent, state-of-the-art web portal. Chaudhary and his associate are already through with market research analysis and have gathered all the information related to books for engineering students. As a part of its ideology, the company will also fund students for buying these books, hoping they would carry forward the practice of helping other students when they become professional themselves.

On the other hand, Projects10.Org aims to develop innovative products, like an exhaustive market research reports for various industries, with the help of the students. Say for instance, a comprehensive report on the chances of Indian chemical manufacturers achieving success in Ontario, Canada. The idea is not to charge a penny to students for the books they avail, but instead have them develop innovative products for the company. Chaudhary visions for the company are lofty. He aims to be the leader of the young India that believes in helping others, get closer to the student community and solve their problems by giving them professional guidance and be a pioneer in developing innovative products and market research reports.

When asked why he chose to become an entrepreneur, Chaudhary said, “I always believe that one should step out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals. Besides, I always wanted to use my intellectual knowledge and expertise for helping others.”


While talking about the challenges he faced during the initial years before setting up the company, Chaudhary said, “I come from a lower-middle-class family and graduated from a Gujarati medium school so, it really was an effort to make my presence felt in Nirma. Even after completing my engineering I did not have many options in hand. Neither did I have the technical knowledge nor was I very fluent in English. Luckily, after I started working with an international call center, I started picking up the language. I was awarded for my performance as the best seller in the company. It gave a huge boost to my confidence.”

And why did Chaudhary opt for this venture in particular? “We always had the student community in mind because they are the real strength of any society. Having seen many students struggle for even the basic educational requirements like books, we decided to kick start this project. Not even once did I have a second thought about the venture we have taken up; it is truly rewarding.

It’s the constant urge to help others that drives Chaudhary to move on with his undertakings. And what differentiates this business from the plethora of others is the fact that Point10 Solution does not aim to rake in a lot of money; it aims to empower the student youth. The company is also looking forward to have strategic partners to take this venture a step forward.

Tips for budding entrepreneurs — “Everything will happen your way if it’s for a good cause. Learn to lose if you want to win.”

An Update on Jatin and Hiren's entrepreneurial journey

Recently Point 10 Launch Event witnessed -

Book distribution to 60 Talented/Needy Students for 1 Semester. These students were selected from 6 Engineering Colleges and 11 Branches.

20 Mentors were present in the event. Some especially come down from Mumbai to share their experiences with students.

Point10 shared their vision with the audience which included (150+ Students, 20+ Mentors, 20+ Faculties, 5+ Media People )

Notable guests at the event -

Mr. Shyam Sharma (VP-HRM, Claris Lifesciences), “During our time we didn’t had mentors, if we had them then we would have gone to the places. And I don’t know whether Salman Khan’s Dus ka Dum has Dum or not, but this 10 for sure has all the Dum in the world. We will always be with Team Point10.

Mr. Pradip Jain,( Managing Trustee of Vishwa Samwad Education Foundation),“ I hope Team Point10 carry on the amazing momentum that they have shown so far to help students.”

Mr. Rawat Basant ( Senior Journalist – The Telegraph): “ Young people are not supposed to do all these kind of activities, this is really inspiring to see so many Young People are coming together to help society and provoke others to do so.”

Also the event witnessed the facilitation of Point10 Student Coordinators who have done good work in their academics and co-curricular activities

 Point10 Student Co-ordinators spoke about their experiences with working Team Point10 and what motivated them to Join Team Point10.

Finally the event ended with Jatin talking about Point10 vision for the Year 2010 and how Students should start helping school Kids to help them realize their true potential.

Key Focus for the next year -

To Fund books for 1000 Students i.e. Engineering, Pharmacy and Science Graduates

 To involve 500 Young Professionals to mentor Students

To spread awareness about Environmental issues

100 Students registered with Point10 Business Groups

Message from Jatin and Hiren -

We are extremely thankful to following respected people for all their constant help/support and guidance to make Point10 belief happen!! .

Prof. Anil Gupta ( IIM-A), Dr. N V Vasani ( Vice Chancellor – Nirma University), Dr. K Kotecha ( Director – Nirma Institute of Technology), Mr. Hemant Pandey ( CMD – Deepak Cements ), Mr. Niraj Lal ( Head – SHARDA Trust ), Mr. Shiv Dugal ( Founder – ICRI), Mrs. Vinita Deshmukh ( Editor – Intelligent Pune), Mr. Anantkrishan Gopalkrishnan ( Deputy Editor – The Hindu ,Chennai),

For more details kindly visit :