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Monday July 13, 2009,

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Moving house or relocating is a tiresome task. Having relocated about 7 times in the last six years I should know what a pain it can be, and perhaps this is one reason I jumped with joy when I heard about our featured entrepreneurs and their venture. Ankur Agarwal, Kailash Rathi, and Sudarshan Purohit are three Young Entrepreneurs fresh out from IIT Madras who intend to make relocating as easy as ABC. Ankur Agarwal has this to say about relocating –“Relocate Easily provides complete relocation services for anyone moving to or within Bangalore, serving both the domestic and corporate sectors. We bring a fresh and innovative approach to relocation services, acting as a liaison between the individual clients and Bangalore. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased reliability, and greater value, thus improving operation efficiency.”

 “As an expert innovator, we have devised a well thought of and properly streamlined action plan. RelocateEasily is involved in every basic stage in Relocation Process and the current offerings include:

  • Packers & Movers
  • Property hunting (Buy/Sell/Rent) anywhere in Bangalore
  • Legal assistance
  • Getting utility connections like Internet, cable and cooking gas
  • Getting household amenities like TV, fridge and washing machine through our detailed retail analysis and dealer's channel
  • Any personal assistance one might require”

“Our on ground executives are distinguished by their functional and professional expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and reliable service.”

“Unlike other relocation firms, we at RelocateEasily provide relocation services at budget prices. We just charge the standard property consultation fees and provide all our services as mentioned above for no extra cost.”

“In order to meet the individual needs of clients, RelocateEasily is very shortly launching its services in Pune and Hyderabad and attaching more offerings to its list like:

Property Management

Online Rent Payment

Offers running in the city

Real Estate Marketing”

“Exceptional functional and professional expertise coupled with extensive research makes RelocateEasily the ideal choice for a relocation firm to manage your relocation to Bangalore.”  

He is also eyeing the future and foresees great prospects; he says “The scope is enormous. Right now, there is no company like ours which is working towards bringing all the relocation related tasks under one umbrella and offering it to the masses.

The customer base for our company is increasing everyday. And we have a target of serving at least 5000 customers by the end of this year.”

“Until recently we were trying and testing out various strategies that will suit our business. Once we figured out the best approach, we started building our own CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software).Right now we are standardizing all the steps that need to be taken to complete any task from beginning till end. We are hiring competent people and always look for an entrepreneurial light in the employees. We are constantly developing the software and website’s functionality to reduce human intervention. Once we have completely mechanized and stabilized our system in Bangalore, we will be all geared up to scale-up and branch out to other cities.” 

They are also exceptional from other movers and packers in that they provide:-

  • An organized approach to the existing unorganized real estate consultancy market
  • 1 stop solution for all relocation solution
  • Providing basic relocation services packaged together at very affordable prices
  • Corporate solution and providing a helping hand to the Admin dept. in companies

Ankur has entrepreneurship in his blood and it has always beckoned to him. He says “Being from a business background, I always wanted to do something of my own rather than a regular 9-to-5 job. From day 1 of my 9-to-5 job, I was clear that I don’t want to continue this for a long time (and I resigned within 7 months).”

“Willingness to take challenges in life, a good business plan, support from friends and family, my enthusiasm to learn out of the regular 9-to-5 job and a chance to work with my own batch mates are amongst a few things that led me choose the path of an entrepreneur.”

Finding suitable employees is a problem faced by all and this was also something that has plagued them. Ankur told us about how he solved it saying “We didn’t use to plan the employee strength that we will need in the next month, and when the work started to overload, we went out for hiring. This led to a further delay in completion of a task. Also, short listing the right person at an appropriate salary is a very time consuming and difficult task. We have overcome this problem by proper planning and opening new avenues of getting more people.”

“Now we have a set plan and the employee strength required for the next few months and start hiring accordingly well in advance. We have built up relationships with a few colleges which can offer us fresh and brilliant recruits to make our company reach greater heights.”

Relocate Easily has a strategy for annexing more business space. They believe in being prepared and summarily revealed their preparations saying “We devised all the strategies and planned everything till February end. We started building up our system in March. By the end of March, we were all set to go live and became fully operational. Mentioned below are a few points of our progress within two and a half months of our operations:

  • Till date we have served over 300 clients and our conversion rate is around 50%.
  • We have grown from a team of 3 people to a family of 15.
  • We have got 2 press releases so far:

Livemint(print media: its a national business weekly of Hindustan Times)

  • Our website's Alexa rank has gone up from 70 lacs to 4.3 lacs and we have attained Google page rank 1. Per day, we receive around 120 visitors and 500 page-views on an average.

With their own home grown website, a CRM and steady business the trio have been moving fast. They claimed total satisfaction in their work lives saying “We quit a regular 9 to 5 job to start this and ever since have been happier.”

Personally Ankur revels in entrepreneurship, so much so that he says “To me, it is not a rollercoaster ride. I like being at my work 24X7. I have been most happy in my life during last 3 months since I started working for People sometimes call me a workaholic but, it’s my hunger to learn, accept a challenge and belief in my idea that has kept me floating in the sea of entrepreneurship.” 

They are currently busy setting up a completely mechanized system for best customer satisfaction in Bangalore which can be easily replicated elsewhere with minor alteration based on the local environment. They plan to have this operational by 2010 and launch the business in at least 2 more cities: Pune and Hyderabad.

Ankur believes that an entrepreneur should strike while the iron is hot. He describes an entrepreneur saying “If you are a true entrepreneur, don’t wait for a world changing or a revolutionary idea. You never know when it will come to you. Just jump into the sea of entrepreneurship. There’s lot to learn in this world and you are missing out every single moment while you are waiting for a grand idea to come to you. Many ideas will start coming once you start doing something and acting on your instincts. For me entrepreneurship is not waiting for a big innovation but it is all those ‘incremental innovations’ that you bring out in any regular work to make it work wonders.”

“All said a few things you must see very seriously. You should have a well thought and nicely planned idea. You should have absolute hope in your idea. Many strategies will not work. You cannot afford to loose hope. The goal should be there in your mind. Keep bringing in new innovations and planning newer strategies. Work out your financials very seriously. You should be able to arrange for at least 2 years of financial support as you never know how long it will take for your idea to “click”. Be ready to give in at least 2 years of your life and don’t expect to be a successful businessman after that. After 2 years you will have definitely learned a lot, and will be a successful entrepreneur. In this world: Think and work for the best, be ready for the worst…”

With their innovative approach and work ethic Relocate easily will soon be at your doorstep making all your moving blues fade away with exemplary service. Yourstory wishes them the best in their endeavors.

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