Munish Jauhar, Founder, GrayCell Technologies Exports

Friday July 10, 2009,

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What is in a mind? Aside from our consciousness and other paraphernalia, there are also ideas growing abundant. Some chose to seed and harvest these ideas and some choose to buy a multi harvester and turn it into a business. Munish Jauhar belongs to the latter category of those who choose to live by their talents.

Munish established GrayCell Technologies Exports in 2004 and true to its name the venture is about utilizing the brains we have been given. The Young entrepreneur waxed eloquent on his company’s purposes saying “Like Hercule Poirot, we exercise our "little gray cells". However, instead of solving crimes, we use it to help our customers. So, if you are looking for specialists for web/software solutions, then GrayCell Technologies Exports is your answer. Established in 2004 with its headquarters in Chandigarh, India,

GrayCell Technologies Exports is a global Technology and IT services provider of integrated business and process solutions enabling clients to optimize their business with high quality; greater efficiency and responsiveness.”

“We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with a fleet of highly qualified professionals, who render efficient and on-time services. At GrayCell, it is our constant endeavor to provide an inclusive range of IT solutions that are designed to suit our client's requirements and specifications, and hence our forte lies in an exceptional blend of excellence and timeliness which we strive to deliver every time. Also, GrayCell Technologies Exports is fully licensed and registered as an EOU (Export Oriented Unit) under the Software Technology Park of India. With a state of the art infrastructure, a proficient team, contemporary technology, a pool of unequaled potential and a motivating work environment, we at GrayCell build bonds through technology.”

Munish deems that the possibilities are endless, if we apply ourselves. He believes in fitting the solution to the problem and says “When it comes to scope and reach, our work and network is spreading fast all over the globe. Most of the credit goes our area of expertise which is customized business application development. When none of the shelf products fit the bill, that’s where we step in with custom-made solutions and this has catapulted our client base to hundreds who interestingly, come with their networks – so you can do the math! Hence, anyone who comes in contact with us, surely benefits from us!”

“Our biggest differentiator is that we are a technically sound organization, and we follow a strong code of ethics. From Web Solutions, Product Engineering, Graphic Design, Systems Integration, IT Consulting, Programming, Design to Web Technologies, Database Development, Outsourcing, Biometric Solutions, SEO Consulting, we at GrayCell Technologies work closely with the client to create a custom-made solution within a framework that brings the greatest benefits in a cost-effective manner. Like any other business model, we go through the same process of planning, execution and maintaining – services and feedback from the client.”

Like any entrepreneur Munish also has his plans for growth. He revealed his strategy saying “From our niche of developing customized business solutions we are now diversifying into related services. We have forayed into internet marketing and we are gradually building up on that. The scale-up also involves eyeing new markets and clients in a whole new playground – Australia and Europe.”  

To Munish entrepreneurship was no just a money churning venture, he spoke on his beliefs saying “It’s very important to have an aim in life and work for it. To be honest, I was quite rudderless till I was steered into computers. It was then that I realized I was really good at it, and started amassing all the knowledge and experience I could about it. I studied hard, worked in various companies at various positions, got into a 9-to-5 routine, jumped jobs, learnt a lot and added to my experience certificate till I decided I was ready to take the plunge into business. At this point I would like to mention Sabeer Bhatia as an inspiration among many others. For me, being an entrepreneur is any day better than a job because I get to contribute something concrete…there’s a tangible output, and it’s the thrill of getting more work, of solving problems, of finding new solutions that makes this job far better than a 9-to-5 one!”

Even as far back as school his entrepreneurial light was shining through, he says “As a student, I was part of a small team that made India’s first online book bank (it got a lot of feedback), that was quite an achievement! I am also a member of International High IQ Society.”

He started his business single handedly and in it laid the seeds of his contention, he explains saying “I started out as a one man army, and slowly grew strength to strength. In this process, the biggest challenge for me was to let go and share responsibility, to let the next layer of management handle things. It’s tough to delegate when you know you can do it better, but I realized I cannot do everything on my own. And that I need to concentrate on my core competence, my expertise, and let the others do their job.” 

Munish rues his amateur mistake of -“Trusting everyone blindly. I trust my clients, and because of this we have lost a lot of money too!”

He had a bit of a head start over others when it came to initiating his venture. He reminisced about his beginnings saying “Fortunately, we had office property, and only had to pump in money. While I was working, I had been saving for a business of my own, and started with a seed capital of about INR 5 lakhs.”

“We’ve witnessed a 100 per cent growth, sometimes even 200 per cent. Our growth rate has been steady paced, and from two employees and one little office in 2004, we’ve grown to two big offices, an army of 50 plus employees, list of services and solutions with clients across the country and globe.” 

Like any good entrepreneur he appreciates the value of return business. Munish says “The biggest achievement is that of making long term, rather I’d say lifelong clients. Our punch-line is “building bonds through technology”, and through these bonds, we build friendships that last a lifetime. Respect, credibility, goodwill is perhaps the big takeaway of any business.” 

Aside from the intangible gains his company has made, they have been recognized for their expertise by the best in the trade. GrayCell is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a Small Business Specialist and is affiliated with the Accelerance Global Network. They are recognized and registered with the Software Technology park of India as an Export Oriented Unit (EOU).  

His thought on giving up voice the opinions of entrepreneurs across India, he says “Never, the challenge is far more addictive here! Business is like a hunting ground, and the thrill of a chase is an unparalleled one. Plus, the returns are far higher and tangible in entrepreneurship.” 

His next challenge and goal for 2011 are – “To build on our internet marketing business and to gather a strong foothold in the European and Australian markets.” 

Instead of age old advice Munish instead bolsters the budding entrepreneur and his faith saying “Never give up for when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

Yourstory foresees a great future for Munish and Graycell and wishes them luck in easing out the bumps on their journey towards success.

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